LaSoaphia QuXazs

Rookie - 332 Points (1934 / Budapest, Hungary, living in the USA)

LaSoaphia QuXazs Poems

161. Travel Thru Time 5/29/2011
162. Twinkling Evening-Morning Star. 4/27/2011
163. Unmannered, Rude People. 11/30/2012
164. Wait Until You See This: Mankind And Alcohol 2/25/2014
165. Wake Up To A Happy Day. 12/2/2012
166. We Are What We Are 5/15/2011
167. We Born, We Die. 9/23/2013
168. We Born, We Live, We Die. 8/28/2012
169. What Is Your Favorite Poem Or Music? 7/11/2013
170. What Is Your Wish For Life? 7/29/2013
171. What Others Do To Me The Shorter Version. 3/5/2012
172. What Others Do To Me. 1/18/2012
173. What We Sow, We Shall Reap. 11/10/2011
174. Whatever You Give Out - Returns Many Fold. 11/6/2011
175. When God Closes A Door, He Opens Another One. 8/29/2012
176. When Someone Is Rude To You 9/10/2012
177. When We Became As Little Children 3/4/2014
178. Wherever You Are 7/30/2012
179. Who Is A Friend? 8/20/2012
180. Who Is The Best? 10/24/2012
181. Who Is The Center? 5/29/2011
182. Why Good Or Why Is It Bad? 5/29/2011
183. Why Impatient? 7/29/2013
184. Why Is Sickness? 7/31/2011
185. Why Negative Or Positive? 10/21/2013
186. Why Old People Die? 9/25/2013
187. Why People Drink. 1/30/2013
188. Why The Race Hatred? 8/11/2011
189. Why? Why? Why? 9/15/2011
190. Win, Loose Or Brag. 1/27/2013
191. Wisdom And Understanding. 12/2/2011
192. Wise Sayings About Life. 8/27/2013
193. Wishes 5/15/2011
194. Wishing You Honor And Integrity. 10/21/2013
195. Work. 8/28/2012
196. 'Y' In Your Name? 12/4/2012
197. You Are The Creator. 10/28/2012
198. You Don'T Make A Choice 9/3/2012
199. You Give, You Receive, The Law. 9/27/2012
200. You Have No Control Of Others, Only Yourself 5/28/2011
Best Poem of LaSoaphia QuXazs

To Work Or Not To Work.

Every day can be lovely if you open your mind
Face life as it is, do your best and unwind.
Some of us lives for work and be important,
Some of us spend time doing nothing for them work is unpleasant.

It is not the work, but what we learn through where we are now,
How we communicate with others & what we learn of life anyhow.
So, work hard or do nothing, your place is there to learn the secret,
Preferably with peace, happiness, easy living wish & positive deep-set.

Then you will find life's easy street,
You work only if you want and will find life ...

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Secret Of Life

You & me, we all have our own destination,
Everything is up to our life experiences and conception.
We shouldn't blame parents, genes or the other guy on the road,
Whatever happens to us, we attracted our own load.

Consciously or not, it is not the question,
Everything is a lesson to teach us for our direction.
If we want to have perfect health, good life and true happiness,
We have to understand nature's law to do only kindness.

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