Treasure Island

Laiakini Waqanisau

[Lai (pronounced: Laee)] (Suva, Fiji)

Poems of Laiakini Waqanisau

1. A Journey Into Mortality - Mh370 4/2/2014
2. Birds Of Steel And Chariots Of Iron To Take Us Home 1/6/2014
3. Children On The Road 1/4/2014
4. Floating On The Dead Sea 4/16/2014
5. Jerusalem 4/18/2014
6. Misty Morning 3/6/2014
7. Night Time 1/4/2014
8. Our Eyes Look to the Lord Our God 1/4/2014
9. Perpetual Vows 1/6/2014
10. Racing Through A Memorial 1/6/2014
11. Sunflower 3/4/2014
12. Waking up late 1/6/2014
13. Wind 3/5/2014


Oh Sunflower so bright and yellow
Today you look lovely
Better each day
In the day you spread your petals
In the night you fold your petals like wings
In the spring you are most bright
As the weather gets warm
The brightness starts to fade
Petals fall

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