Laiakini Waqanisau

[Lai (pronounced: Laee)] (Suva, Fiji)

Poems of Laiakini Waqanisau

1. A Journey Into Mortality - Mh370 4/2/2014
2. Birds Of Steel And Chariots Of Iron To Take Us Home 1/6/2014
3. Children On The Road 1/4/2014
4. Floating On The Dead Sea 4/16/2014
5. Jerusalem 4/18/2014
6. Misty Morning 3/6/2014
7. Night Time 1/4/2014
8. Our Eyes Look to the Lord Our God 1/4/2014
9. Perpetual Vows 1/6/2014
10. Racing Through A Memorial 1/6/2014
11. Sunflower 3/4/2014
12. Waking up late 1/6/2014
13. Wind 3/5/2014

Perpetual Vows

That I met you is a blessing
Your acceptance melted mine heart
To which I owe you this perpetual vow
To keep you and love you
Til death do us part
If ever I did you wrong
I pray to God for your forgiveness
Let me make it up to you
In perpetual vows to your unfailing love

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