Treasure Island

John Ciardi

Poems of John Ciardi

1. About The Teeth Of Sharks 6/24/2014
2. Abundance 6/24/2014
3. An Apartment With A View 6/24/2014
4. An Emeritus Addresses The School 6/24/2014
5. Bees And Morning Glories 6/24/2014
6. High Tension Lines Across A Landscape 6/24/2014
7. Lines 6/24/2014
8. Men Marry What They Need 6/24/2013
9. Most Like An Arch This Marriage 6/24/2014
10. Nothing Is Really Hard But To Be Real— 6/24/2014
11. Port Of Aerial Embarkation 6/24/2014
12. Suburban 6/24/2013
13. The Catalpa 6/24/2014
14. The Dolls 6/24/2014
15. The Pilot In The Jungle 6/24/2014
16. White Heron 6/24/2013
17. Why Nobody Pets The Lion At The Zoo 6/24/2014


Yesterday Mrs. Friar phoned.'Mr. Ciardi,
how do you do?' she said. 'I am sorry to say
this isn't exactly a social call. The fact is
your dog has just deposited-forgive me-
a large repulsive object in my petunias.'

I thought to ask, 'Have you checked the rectal grooving
for a positive I.D.?' My dog, as it happened,
was in Vermont with my son, who had gone fishing-

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