Ina SchrodersZeeders

Rookie (West Terschelling)

Ina SchrodersZeeders Poems

1. A Mirror Is A Liar Too 7/18/2011
2. Over You In May 7/18/2011
3. Image Problems 7/18/2011
4. Marriage 7/18/2011
5. Moment 7/18/2011
6. My First Villanelle 7/18/2011
7. No One Is Like You 7/18/2011
8. Home To Me 7/18/2011
9. The Last Lover 7/18/2011
10. Don'T Go Silently Away 7/18/2011
11. Unwanted Guest 7/18/2011
12. This Must Not Go 7/18/2011
13. When Words Have Lost Their Meaning 7/18/2011
14. Waltz D'Amour 7/18/2011
15. The Pillow Note 7/18/2011
16. Nothing Left To Say 7/18/2011
17. Nightmares 7/18/2011
18. Death Is A Mockery Of Life 7/18/2011
19. The Most Lonely Place 7/18/2011
20. I Trust Your Lust 7/18/2011
21. Lazy Moments Before Sunrise 7/20/2011
22. The Night Shift Of The Mind 7/20/2011
23. Still In Love 7/20/2011
24. Summer Near The Sea 7/21/2011
25. Between Forgiveness And Your Spite (Pantoum) 8/5/2011
26. The Model 7/18/2011
27. The Reed You Are 8/26/2013
28. Shelley 8/26/2013
29. Guilt 8/26/2013
30. To Be So In Love 3/2/2013
31. You Closed Your Eyes I Caressed You 7/18/2011
32. The Whisper Shell 7/18/2011
33. Love Stolen Night 7/18/2011
34. Thank You For Leaving Me Behind 7/18/2011
Best Poem of Ina SchrodersZeeders

Love Stolen Night

A pub full of people and you standing there
drinking your last glass of dark coloured beer
The music not louder than hollow hard laughter

Images fading in smokey thick air
somewhere in between, we were going somewhere
or was it after

An iron bed with torn and cold sheets
you opened the window to let go the white dove
it silently flew in the dark coloured night

Away from the people and away from the laughter
we shivered in a night stolen for love
we shivered in a love stolen night

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A Mirror Is A Liar Too

How can I see myself in you

When you reflect my pain but not my soul

Am I to play another part or role

Than to be myself and true?

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