Herant X..

Herant X.. Poems

1. The War In My Mind 1/11/2010
2. Our Choices 2/9/2010
3. The Place With No Name 3/5/2010
4. A Moment From Time 3/18/2010
5. The Truth 7/8/2010
6. The Black Cat 4/24/2011
7. This Light 12/1/2009
8. The Story 3/19/2012
9. Simple Life 3/23/2012
10. The Soft Yet 3/23/2012
11. Universal Kindness 4/7/2012
12. The Conscious Soul. 6/23/2012
13. Your Journey 5/4/2010
14. The Journey To The Stars 7/3/2012
15. The Empty Will 7/28/2012
16. Awakening 9/16/2012
17. Dear Stranger 5/18/2010
18. Good And Bad 4/11/2010
19. When Will They Be Free. 4/26/2010
20. My Heart Is Dark 6/18/2008
21. He Dreams 1/16/2012
22. The Dying Flower 6/26/2012
Best Poem of Herant X..

The Dying Flower

There was love in the room.
It was the laughter in the rain.

With nearly broken legs, it kept its pride.
And bloomed and walked towards the heights.

With petals of white and its invisible crown
My flower flew in the night of blissful hopes.

Oh I wish time was my friend.
So I could rewrite the story in the end.
But sadly 't was my ignorance that I met.

To travel back in time and space.
Only to face my flower dying again.

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The War In My Mind

The ocean stretches out to an eternity in my mind.
I see fire in this ocean, where water should claim it.
I try to end this fire, yet I have nothing to make it possible.

Could it be that there is a war raging inside of me,
where I have no control over. Maybe it has a meaning,
maybe someone is trying to tell me something.

I try hard to understand why I keep seeing all of this,

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