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Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Poems

1. The Hallowed Tomb Of The Saints... {a Visit To The Catacombs 'Neath The River Hudson}...[revision] 12/15/2014
2. Deliverance Of The Doves...(R) 1/21/2015
3. R I V E R D A N C E [observations From A Live Performance At New York's Radio City Music Hall, May,2005](R) 3/4/2015
4. Oh! Those Morose Traditions In Mourning The Dead... 3/6/2015
5. Objects Of Dream Or Illusion? 3/15/2015
6. A Crucifixion Of Th' Soul... 4/1/2015
7. Go Now, Unto Your Silent Sleep... 4/1/2015
8. So Many Miles Have Passed Yet Still To Come... 4/1/2015
9. Upon The First Of April{written 12: 01am, April 1st,2008} (Rp) 4/1/2015
10. By The Willow Tree, Grieving... 4/2/2015
11. Breakfast In Bed...{a Triple Senryu La Sensuale} 4/2/2015
12. Seer's See Suns' Shadow As Seven Seals Sign... {terza-Rima Format} 4/2/2015
13. Despite 1 8 6 5... 4/2/2015
14. Shakespearian's Spring 'Ku... 4/2/2015
15. The Feast Of The Lord's Supper (A Quinate Senryu In Honor Of Maundy Thursday/Holy Week} 4/3/2015
16. The 14th Station Of The Cross {in Honor & Observation Of The Passion & Death Of The Christ} 4/3/2015
17. Oh, The ''Charm'' Of Our Old Classic Poets... 4/3/2015
18. ` Café 12 After Midnight, Sometime In '79...(Rp) 4/3/2015
19. ''Veronica'' {in Honor & Observa+ion Of Good Friday} (Rp) 4/3/2015
20. A Visit To The Holy Tomb Of The Saints-{the Sacred Catacombs On New York's Westside} Revision Of Original Post.) 4/3/2015
21. 33ad 4/4/2015
22. To The Doctors Of Homicide {for Gwenevere} 4/4/2015
23. C L I M A X... 4/4/2015
24. H E R O E S {for A Friend Lost}...(Rv-Rp) 4/4/2015
25. I.Q. Haiku 1,2,3... 4/5/2015
26. April Springs Hai & Ku's... 4/5/2015
27. Happy Easter{to My Fellow Scribes Of The Written Word} 4/5/2015
28. And That's What It's Like With You, My Lov'... (Rv-Rp) 4/5/2015
29. Any Sunday Afternoon On Williamsbridge Road In The Bronx... [with Strings Attached]...(Rp) 4/5/2015
30. Questioning Deity? 4/5/2015
31. B L E E D '' {a Connectingtriple Senryu}... 4/5/2015
32. Searching For Stonehenge & Paradise... (Rp) 4/5/2015
33. In Respecting The Rose...(Rp) 4/6/2015
34. A Turn Of The Cards {vii-Vii-Vii}... 4/6/2015
35. The Carrying Of Crosses By Trust And Faith... 4/7/2015
36. Creations Of Sunset On Seaglass... 4/7/2015
37. Catching Shadows By Nightwatch... 4/7/2015
38. T I M E Of D E A T H...(Rp) 4/7/2015
39. 'M A S Q U E (A Non-Traditional Sonnet) ... (Rp) 4/7/2015
40. Purgatory...{queries & Quandaries} 4/8/2015
Best Poem of Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR

' Emeralds And Black Diamonds...

Lie down lass, lie down, in sage green meadows
Your blouse flouncing open, in the teasing breeze
The meadows, feel so cotton, this time of season
Come lay beside me lass and sense the softness

Open field, sweet honeysuckle....arouses my yen
Shamrock blades in sparkle by the mid-noon sun
No clouds abide our scape of choice, to pleasure
Again I ask you lass......come lay you down by me

Come close my love...these hungry emerald eyes
Beg to stare into your warm, black diamond eyes
Take my hand in bond, lov' and let me assure you
That Emeralds and ...

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M A S Q U E R A D E...

{The Weakness of Strenth}
________ & ________
{The Ugliness of Beauty }

So addicted to transfiguration,
beauty pinching nerve 'n flesh -
fr'm th' bursting of liquid steel,
pouring thru' chemicaled veins -
until th' lungs becom' homeless

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