Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR

Gold Star - 52,707 Points (1960 / A Collection of Select Literary Works)

Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Poems

1. For A Friend...{after Death Hath Cometh} -new- 9/4/2015
2. Houses Of Of The Absurd... - (Rv-Rp) -new- 9/3/2015
3. Child Abuse In Cunning, Abstract Form... -new- 9/3/2015
4. On Edgar Allan Poe With Appreciation... -new- 9/4/2015
5. Bordeaux & Monastir Road... -new- 8/29/2015
6. Talking 'Bout If There Were One Perfect Poem In The Majestic Land Of The Literary Arts, What Would It Be, And Who Would Be The Scribe Who Penned It? -new- 9/2/2015
7. The Connection... -new- 8/30/2015
8. The Silent Fields Of Monastir Road... -new- 8/30/2015
9. A Peace Of The Paralytic Mind... (Revised) -new- 8/30/2015
10. Haiku For The Storm On The Sea... -new- 8/30/2015
11. Hues-Of-Red -new- 8/30/2015
12. For The Exception To Charlotte's Web...(Rev./ Rep.) -new- 8/30/2015
13. ' For The Exception To Charlotte's Web...(Rev./ Rep.) -new- 8/30/2015
14. La Fleur Fatale - -new- 9/2/2015
15. The White Stone Crosses O' Donegal... 7/31/2015
16. Cortege... (Rv/Rp) 8/18/2015
17. The Wisdom Of Revelation { Just A Personal Prosaic Adaptation } 8/20/2015
18. Upon Reading The Tea-Leaves Of My Father... -new- 8/21/2015
19. An Angels Act Of Anticipation { Alliteration Format W / Recapitulating Envoy } -new- 8/22/2015
20. Death's Sobering Melody... -new- 8/22/2015
21. ' The Haun+ing *) -new- 8/22/2015
22. Saturday's Sultry Soho Spinster { Alliteration Format }...(Rv-Rp) -new- 8/22/2015
23. Of Obsessive, Ornate Observation... -new- 8/22/2015
24. Masqued Erotica... -new- 8/23/2015
25. The Revelation At Sutherman's Bridge... -new- 8/23/2015
26. Blood Moon... (O) -new- 8/23/2015
27. Quality Of Life... -new- 8/21/2015
28. Crucifixion Of Th' Soul... -new- 8/22/2015
29. We Were Just Kids, Iz All { A Tale Of Tango & Catechism } - -new- 8/24/2015
30. R E S P E C T... -new- 8/24/2015
31. A Soldier's Poem On His Way Home From Battle...(Rev) -new- 8/25/2015
32. Crossing Under The River Styx...(Rev) -new- 8/25/2015
33. Loving You- { Makes Me Feel Immortal } -new- 8/26/2015
34. Mesothelioma... - -new- 8/26/2015
35. Night Of The Woodshed... (Revised) -new- 8/26/2015
36. Of Respect To The Rose.....(Rp) -new- 8/26/2015
37. That's What It's Like With You, My Lov'... { For The One That Be You } -new- 8/26/2015
38. The Rush Of The Write & Wrongs In The Wee Morning Hours, By Window... (Repost) - -new- 8/27/2015
39. A Rock Solid Warning From Above... -new- 8/27/2015
40. Erudite Lessons From Cats I I ≫^.^≪ { The Feline Element } -new- 8/28/2015
Best Poem of Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR

' Emeralds And Black Diamonds...

Lie down lass, with me, in sage green meadows
Your blouse flouncing open, in the teasing breeze
The meadows, feel so cotton, this time of year
Come lay beside me lass, and sense the softness

Open field, sweet honeysuckle....arouses my yen
For passion 'neath th' sparkle by th' mid-noon sun
No clouds abide our scape of choice, to pleasure
An', again I ask you lass, come lay you down by me

Come close my love...these hungry emerald eyes
Beg to stare into your warm, black diamond eyes
Take my hand in bond, my lov', as I assure you
That emeralds and ...

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A Clockwork Destiny

winnowing at the notion
of judgment as we ocularize
with antithesis, like charlatans
in lieu of sore antipathy,
and all which we've become
since our childhood brush -
with dove-kissed innocence;
how do we explain our arrogance,

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