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Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Poems

1. Haiku For The Bizarre Of Time... -new- 5/29/2015
2. Haiku For Shibboleth... -new- 5/29/2015
3. Haiku For Holy Mount Cemetery -new- 5/29/2015
4. Haiku For The Agnostic Soul... -new- 5/28/2015
5. Taking Precipice To The Edge Of Its Existence... -new- 5/28/2015
6. Dimensions {not Exactly A Bedtime Story For The Kids} 5/2/2015
7. Sonnet Of Soul & Spirit { Roman - Cryptic- Vi - Xxx - Mmvi } -new- 5/15/2015
8. Mass Of The Resurrection {processus Silenti}...(Rp) -new- 5/27/2015
9. Haiku 4 The Walrus & Paul... -new- 5/28/2015
10. Haiku For St Brigit Of Kildare... -new- 5/28/2015
11. A Rock Solid Warning From Above { A Wee Bit 'O Fun 'Twas This One, It Was }! -new- 5/28/2015
12. A Quinary Of Couplets On Life For The Musing Cynic... -new- 5/28/2015
13. The Great Coca-Cola Caper Of '69...(Repost) -new- 5/28/2015
14. Haiku For The White House... -new- 5/28/2015
15. Haiku For The Rise Of 80's America -new- 5/29/2015
16. I Will Not Watch The Lightning Break Before My Eyes { Cinquain-Refrain} -new- 5/29/2015
17. Oh, Those Days Of Black 'N White Cookies... -new- 5/15/2015
18. Acceptance Not At Any Cost {a Double Septet}... -new- 5/16/2015
19. The Colours Of Peace... (Rv - Rp) -new- 5/16/2015
20. The Arrogance & Insignificance Of Time...{the Plan} -new- 5/17/2015
21. Arrhythmia { A Cryptic Stairstep Acrostical } -new- 5/17/2015
22. Deliverance { Song Of Springs Nativity}... (Rv-Rp) -new- 5/17/2015
23. Dimensions Of Death... -new- 5/17/2015
24. For Edgar Allan Poe With All Gratitude... -new- 5/18/2015
25. Cirrhosis... -new- 5/18/2015
26. Voices... -new- 5/18/2015
27. Her Name Was Carol { In Memoriam } -new- 5/18/2015
28. Spirits On The Eighteenth Of May... -new- 5/18/2015
29. Just A Simple Theory On Wisdom And Luck... -new- 5/18/2015
30. While You Were Asleep Xxxv { Ariel's Autumn Tree In The Rain } -new- 5/18/2015
31. Standing On A Railroad Platform, Observing... -new- 5/18/2015
32. Serendipity... -new- 5/19/2015
33. While Imbibing In Dark Irish Beer On A Storm-Swept May Afternoon At O'Reilly's Pub, In Claverstown, County Kildare... (Rv-Rp) -new- 5/19/2015
34. Abraham's Angel { Infantile Homicide } -new- 5/19/2015
35. Ice-Is Sharding From The East...(Rv-Rp) -new- 5/19/2015
36. Oh, The ''Charm'' Of Our Old Classic Poets...(Rev) -new- 5/19/2015
37. Two Wishes From The Wishing Well (A Story-Tale In Senryu Format) 5/2/2015
38. Homeland Security... 5/2/2015
39. The R I V E R B R E A K... 5/2/2015
40. Sacred... (Rv-Rp- 5/3/2015
Best Poem of Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR

' Emeralds And Black Diamonds...

Lie down lass, lie down, in sage green meadows
Your blouse flouncing open, in the teasing breeze
The meadows, feel so cotton, this time of season
Come lay beside me lass and sense the softness

Open field, sweet honeysuckle....arouses my yen
Shamrock blades in sparkle by the mid-noon sun
No clouds abide our scape of choice, to pleasure
Again I ask you lass......come lay you down by me

Come close my love...these hungry emerald eyes
Beg to stare into your warm, black diamond eyes
Take my hand in bond, lov' and let me assure you
That Emeralds and ...

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Woman And Time...

Woman on a corner,
'Neath looming storm clouds,
Stands stoically gracefull,
Arms cossed and waiting,
For her Wall Street suitor
Who should have been there -
Twelve minutes ago;
Anxiety rears,

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