Dilantha Gunawardana

Dilantha Gunawardana Poems

121. A Pslam To True Beauty 3/16/2014
122. A Psychedelic God - A Thank You Note 11/4/2012
123. A Question On Beauty 4/12/2014
124. A Question On Love 4/13/2014
125. A Reluctant Lover 4/6/2014
126. A Remote Control 4/12/2014
127. A Requiem For A Leaf 2/3/2013
128. A Ring 3/3/2014
129. A Rubber Plantation 4/9/2013
130. A Sapphire 1/28/2013
131. A Second Bite Of The Cherry 4/18/2013
132. A Short Lullaby 4/28/2014
133. A Sniper Has Two Faces 1/25/2014
134. A Southern Love Story 4/15/2014
135. A Spontaneous Kiss 11/18/2014
136. A Sri Lankan Woman -new- 11/24/2015
137. A Stilt Fisherman 2/5/2013
138. A Story In The Tsunami (26th Dec 2004) 7/11/2014
139. A Stranger Down The Street 9/17/2014
140. A Summer Mistral 2/15/2013
141. A Swing 9/12/2015
142. A Tampon To Your Heart 4/18/2014
143. A Tea Plucker In Sri Lanka 8/22/2014
144. A Tear's Path 1/12/2013
145. A Teatime Kiss 3/21/2013
146. A Ticking Clock 4/14/2014
147. A Treatise On Beauty 10/12/2015
148. A Tripartite Perfection 4/14/2013
149. A Truth 10/8/2015
150. A Valentine's Rose 4/1/2013
151. A Verbose Begger 5/2/2013
152. A Virgin (Male) 4/11/2014
153. A Virgin Kiss 5/14/2014
154. A Virgin's Tears 4/4/2014
155. A Walk In Andulusia 5/11/2014
156. A Winter's Tale (Manhattan) 3/12/2013
157. A Wolf's Throne 3/17/2013
158. A Woman's Cradle 4/1/2014
159. Abortion 3/1/2014
160. Absence 4/17/2014
Best Poem of Dilantha Gunawardana

Woman 3

Show me a woman
That can turn a man with her hips
In the artistry of burlesque and belly
Show me a woman
That can be filled with pancakes
And fill a size 16 dress
Show me a woman
Who can kiss you like spring
And color you like autumn
Show me a woman
That can hold you like a harbor
And scaffold your spirits with her hold
Show me a woman
That can collapse your knees
Even in the absence of a ring
Show me a woman
Who can wrench real tears
And soak a cotton handkerchief
Show me a woman
That can fill you and empty you
Like water to finite...

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Kismet's Key

I am all dolled up for a date in cyberspace
As the heart yearns for an adventurous escape
In to the arms of a prince in waiting
For a call from heaven one of mating

Sores on my knees from an eternity on pews
Dust on my lips from an infinity in queues
As the heart tugs every man passing by
The psyche shatters in solitude's sigh

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