Daniel Warner

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Daniel Warner Poems

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8. Never Hurt 3/8/2012
9. So, It Ends To Begin? 3/9/2012
10. Sorrowful Meanings 3/10/2012
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12. This May 3/14/2012
13. Coming About A Crisis 3/17/2012
14. No 3/20/2012
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16. This Feeling Inside 4/8/2012
17. Rainy Days 4/13/2012
18. Tomorrow 4/30/2012
19. The Moment 4/30/2012
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21. Miracle 11/28/2012
22. The Adjacent 6/17/2013
23. Love And Lust 8/15/2014
24. Ode To 9-11 11/28/2012
25. Opposites Attract 3/15/2012
26. Allusion Illusions 1/30/2013
27. Words For The Ages 6/6/2013
28. Believe 4/25/2012
29. Dreams Of A Life To Be Unraveled 3/18/2012
30. You'Re Driving Me Out Of My Mind 3/19/2012
31. A Love Of False Accusations 3/19/2012
32. Silence Of Everlasting Death 3/11/2012
33. E 3/8/2012
34. For I Wish For You And I 3/8/2012
35. Forget-Me-Not 3/15/2012
36. Life, Death, And Beyond 3/9/2012
37. Been There For Me 11/28/2012
38. If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking 5/24/2012
39. To-Night Is Lonesome 6/22/2013
40. Sight For Sore Eyes 11/28/2012
Best Poem of Daniel Warner

At Day's End

At day's end, I have no other thought,
but to see you, and no other
that, is the dream I have always sought,
and for you to always be my lover.

At day's end, it's your voice I hear,
its the one that calls calm and quiet,
almost like your so near
even though I can't even buy it.

At day's end, I yearn for your touch
as I hope you do too
that is why I love you so much
because, I know you do too.

At day's end, you wait for me there
down by the shore, so we can talk,
as I run my fingers through your hair,
we step on the beach just to ...

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To Wendy

Even though I know I miss you
I can't remember you thouroughly
and I'm sorry as I do what you wouldn't want me to do
as I've always prayed to you please,
but living without you to me is just a tease
still I'll never get to know how much you'd love and care
sometimes I'd even lose my mind getting over life isn't fair
although I've got to deal with it everyday
knowing that my family will never be there.

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