Daleen Enslinstrydom

Rookie - 61 Points [Daleen EnslinStrydom] (25-02-1967 / Springs, South Africa)

Daleen Enslinstrydom Poems

1. The Hands Of A Farmer 4/23/2013
2. Under The Shade Of The Big Old Oak Tree 12/8/2013
3. What Happiness Means 6/7/2013
4. Mom, You Are More Than Just A Mother’s Day Mother 5/13/2014
5. Unknown Life-Journey 11/4/2013
6. Difficult To Understand 6/14/2013
7. Will Somebody Pleas Take Me? 7/8/2013
8. Chocolates 7/11/2013
9. I Do Hate My Job 8/6/2013
10. When The Choir Begins To Sing 6/17/2014
11. A Mother’s Work Is Never Done [1] 5/10/2013
12. The School Fair 11/25/2013
13. Your Penned Words Do Inspire Me 6/5/2014
14. Words Written On Paper 8/21/2013
15. Jewel Of My Childhood 7/25/2013
16. My Word Wizard 7/23/2013
17. Rain 8/2/2013
18. Bread And Meat For Breakfast 6/24/2013
19. Am I My Brother’s Keeper? 11/14/2013
20. Forgiving And Forgetting 10/10/2013
21. The Empty Sky 9/19/2013
22. The Fox In The Hen Coop 5/30/2013
23. The Face In The Mirror 7/10/2013
24. Happy Birthday To The Best Mom In The World 9/12/2013
25. Answer Me In Rainbow Coloured Dreams 2/4/2013
26. Love Will Prevail 6/10/2014
27. When I Look Into Your Blue Eyes 10/4/2013
28. An Angel Between Trees 11/18/2013
29. Far Beyond This Night 2/16/2015
30. Bluebells Dance In The Wind 1/17/2014
31. A Female Friend 4/24/2013
32. Dreams Do Come True 2/20/2013
33. Cold Water And Warm Love 4/10/2013
34. She Looks Like An Angel 8/12/2013
35. He Is The Owner Of A Farm 7/18/2013
36. Your Butterfly Kisses From Your Strawberry Lips 5/28/2013
37. Letters To The Postman 6/2/2013
38. Every Good Thing Comes To An End 5/16/2013
39. On The Donkey Cart 7/5/2013
40. Nobody Knows What Tomorrow May Hold 5/2/2013
Best Poem of Daleen Enslinstrydom

The Hands Of A Farmer

I have known those hands all of my life
and many times I have looked at those hands,
at big rough hands that worked the fields
and calluses in their palms tell a own story
and the fingers are big
and when they grab they hold on.

Those are very strong hands
but they are gentle when they touch the family.
Those hands sowed the wheat
and harvested the sheaves,
those hands planted maize
and brought home the first ripe corn.

Those hands brought life,
helped the cow that struggled during birth,
those hands carried the lambs
to a place of ...

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Inspirational Rain

Life without you had stripped my words from me
and my thoughts were ripped right out of me.
My inspiration had been aborted
and my verses and sounds have been silenced

and out of my memory words have been erased,
picked out piece by piece
and I was left barren.

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