Cristina Geanta

Rookie (19 04 1984 / Romania)

Cristina Geanta Poems

1. Water, Wind And Broken Glass 2/19/2006
2. Who Else? 3/29/2006
3. Your Moon 8/30/2011
4. Now And Then 6/6/2012
5. '...' She Wrote 2/19/2006
6. Breathe Happy 5/24/2007
7. Tie Me 3/29/2006
8. I Bruise Easy 4/2/2007
9. For My Special Secret 2/19/2006
10. Of You 6/3/2007
11. One More 5/28/2007
12. Reverse Psychology 2/19/2006
13. Lost 2/19/2006
14. Road To Hell 8/29/2011
15. From One To Infinity 4/8/2007
16. Each|other 8/30/2011
17. Now! 3/29/2006
18. Don'T You Love Tango? 3/29/2006
19. Just One More... 2/19/2006
20. Floating 2/19/2006
21. Be Careful 6/17/2008
22. Twice 6/17/2008
23. I Hate Diplomacy! .. 2/19/2006
24. Art Of War 1/29/2009
25. Lava 9/1/2011
26. The Proudest Girl In The World 10/22/2006
27. Details 5/28/2007
28. Personal Justice 11/21/2006
29. Sad 3/30/2007
Best Poem of Cristina Geanta


sad for all the time my embrace was empty of you
sad for being stubborn to be sad
sad for touching objects baring your presence
sad for not touching you...

sad for re adi ng your name everywhere i turn
sad for all the blue jackets other men should not have worn
sad for all my weak spots left to be weak
sad to open my eyes in the morning

sad for a cruel truth not even dreams can survive
sad without dreaming
sad of nothing to hope for
sad for still seing beautiful things worth for you to know

just what she is not

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Don'T You Love Tango?

we were made to stay whithin reach
but not to reach out
slow passionate dance.. too close.. too far..
constant bitter-sweet t e a s e...
and then u turn your back..
i run away, leave u wanting more
i know you love it too
we're circling each other's trap
feeding each other's addiction..
here i am
do you dare touch?

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