Cesare Pavese

(9 September 1908 – 27 August 1950 / Santo Stefano Belbo)

Cesare Pavese Poems

1. The Cats will Know 3/25/2012
2. Ancestors 1/20/2003
3. Death will Come with your Eyes 3/25/2012
4. In the Morning you Always Come Back 3/25/2012
5. End of Fantasy 3/25/2012
6. Two 3/25/2012
7. You Have a Face of Carved Stone 3/25/2012
8. Street Song 3/25/2012
9. Black Earth Red Earth 3/25/2012
10. Habits 3/25/2012


Man and woman watch each other lying in bed:
their two bodies stretched out wide and exhausted.
the man is still, only the woman takes long breaths
that quiver her ribs. The legs distended
are bony and knotted in the man's. The whispers
from the sun-covered street are foisted on them.

The air hangs impalpable in the heavy shadow
and freezes the drops of living sweat

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