C.J. Sage


Poems of C.J. Sage

1. Birdsong 1/1/2004
2. Bridge Ghazal 1/13/2003
3. Crisis Counselor 1/1/2004
4. Fawn Ghazal 1/13/2003
5. Peripetia, or Flowers for Everyone 3/9/2012
6. San Simeon Hill Zebras 3/9/2012
7. Sea Canaries 3/9/2012
8. The Egret Floating 3/9/2012
9. The Sloth 3/9/2012

Bridge Ghazal

My love and I reside upon the belly of a bridge
with heartbeats of the sky?--the drums upon the bridge.

I've heard of songs that rise at night from pitch black oceans.
I've heard the strums of lyrics made by four hands on a bridge.

My love and I do landscapes for the gardens of the sea.
At night we sleep as seedlings at the center of its bridge.

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