Treasure Island

Banjo Paterson


Poems of Banjo Paterson

1. A Ballad of Ducks 4/14/2014
2. A Bunch of Roses 4/16/2014
3. A Bush Lawyer 4/14/2014
4. A Change of Menu 4/14/2014
5. A Disqualified Jockey's Story 4/15/2014
6. A Dog's Mistake [In Doggerel Verse] 4/14/2014
7. A Grain of Desert Sand 4/14/2014
8. A Job for McGuinness 4/14/2014
9. A Motor Courtship 4/14/2014
10. A Nervous Governor-General 4/14/2014
11. A Rule of the A.J.C. 4/15/2014
12. A Singer of the Bush 4/14/2014
13. A Song of the Pen 4/14/2014
14. A Triolet 4/16/2014
15. A Voice from the Town 4/16/2014
16. A Walgett Episode 4/14/2014
17. Ambition and Art 4/16/2014
18. An Emu Hunt 4/14/2014
19. Anthony Considine 4/14/2014
20. Any Other Time 4/14/2014

The Uplift

When the drays are bogged and sinking, then it's no use sitting thinking,
You must put the teams together and must double-bank the pull.
When the crop is light and weedy, or the fleece is burred and seedy,
Then the next year's crop and fleeces may repay you to the full.

So it's lift her, Johnny, lift her,
Put your back in it and shift her,
While the jabber, jabber, jabber of the politicians flows.
If your nag's too poor to travel

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