Arthur Patchett Martin

(18 February 1851 – 15 February 1902 / Woolwich, Kent, England)

Arthur Patchett Martin Poems

1. Bushland 1/4/2003
2. Love and War 1/1/2004
3. A Romance In The Rough 4/21/2010
4. In Memoriam Matris 4/21/2010
5. The Cynic of the Woods 1/1/2004
6. My Cousin From Pall Mall 4/21/2010
7. A Bush Study, A La Watteau 4/21/2010

A Romance In The Rough

A sturdy fellow, with a sunburnt face,
And thews and sinews of a giant mould;
A genial mind, that harboured nothing base,—
A pocket void of gold.

The rival’s years were fifty at the least—
Withered his skin, and wrinkled as a crone;
But day by day his worldly goods increased,
Till great his wealth had grown.

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