Altair Laahad

Altair Laahad Poems

1. Pink Dolphins in Amazone 4/7/2013
2. As You Write 4/3/2013
3. As he dreamed of slamming the door 5/9/2013
4. When you scatter my ashes 8/8/2013
5. A Green Willow Grows In My Heart 7/30/2013
6. When You Surrender Your Visibility 8/13/2013
7. You Soaked Your Words 8/21/2013
8. Until You Do It 4/27/2013
9. A Litle Child Walked On A Snake 7/12/2013
10. And Both Slept with God 4/4/2013
11. They melt with all the gods 5/12/2013
12. And You've Got A Good Poem 5/16/2013
13. Eroded stones 5/1/2013
14. Rush 5/1/2013
15. The Wind Has Crept Down The Hills 4/11/2013
16. It's Spring 4/15/2013
17. Primal Sympathy 4/17/2013
18. Two Men 4/20/2013
19. If 4/20/2013
20. Asylum 5/2/2013

His Pen(is) of a Poet

His pen(is) erect as a Tower
It comes bursting out at times unsolicited by the mind
and brings the entrails of muse into display
It searches inspiration flirting the flower on a hill of venus
or the pink rose of a poetess in full inspiration
It roars as it slides patiently through the garden
of words of verse or prose
like a snake homeless roaming the hills
prowling for a prey or a hole to sleep and dream

[Hata Bildir]