Adeline Foster

Gold Star - 9,222 Points (Instructor of poetry, Hagerstown, MD)

Adeline Foster Poems

121. Reciprocality * 7/12/2013
122. Shell-Shock 4/21/2011
123. Skid Marks 10/10/2008
124. Smoke From The Chimney* 11/9/2012
125. Sonnet Beyond Love 8/14/2007
126. Storm Song 8/6/2013
127. Synergy* 6/26/2009
128. The Captain's Secret 2/5/2014
129. The Cat Is Free 8/8/2007
130. The Note 5/14/2013
131. Thoughts* 11/22/2008
132. Time Heals 10/1/2008
133. To Be Completely Known And All Forgiven 12/31/2012
134. To Landor 2/7/2014
135. Trees 1/16/2008
136. Unborn 9/20/2012
137. When Love Dies 11/10/2008
138. Who Am I 9/21/2008
139. Woman's Lot 7/13/2009
Best Poem of Adeline Foster


There are different kinds of words
With names the same as you.
Nouns are any thing you name:
A cat, a dog, a shoe,
A city, or a country,
A feeling, or a zoo.
Frequently a signal
Will tell you that a noun
Is coming down the road of speech
Before you hear the sound.
Eight of these are common;
You hear them every day.
They tell you that a speeding noun
Is coming fast your way.
A house, an owl,
The house, my home,
Our house, their owl,
Your house, its home.
These noun signals can determine
If it is a noun.
They are ...

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One Gift


One gift, of all the gifts you gave,
Lives through eternity,
One gift I value more than all
The gifts you gave to me.
One gift was more than I could ask
If I had asked the moon,

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