Abdul Wahab

Gold Star - 12,325 Points [Northern Wind , Suriya , Suzlon , Ruhida]

Abdul Wahab Poems

1681. You Are Not So Much Ignorant To Be Over Confident 5/28/2012
1682. You Are The Cause Yourself 3/24/2013
1683. You Are The Metaphor For Me 4/27/2012
1684. You In My Life 6/3/2012
1685. Young Heart Of The Old Frame 7/26/2013
1686. Your Mind And Intellect 7/9/2013
1687. Your Monster Greed 5/31/2013
1688. Your Mother 3/22/2016
1689. Your Reaction 6/9/2013
1690. আগুন -new- 5/17/2016
1691. আমাদের জীবন 7/19/2014
1692. উন্নতি 7/17/2014
1693. এ ভুল কোন ভুল নয় 3/28/2015
1694. এমন কথা 4/14/2015
1695. কবিতার পবিত্রতা 5/11/2016
1696. দরজাহীন ঘর 4/9/2015
1697. প্রার্থনা 4/6/2015
1698. ফুলঝুরি 5/13/2016
1699. বৃত্ত -new- 5/17/2016
1700. ভয় -new- 5/17/2016
1701. ভ্যাবাকান্ত -new- 5/17/2016
1702. ভেল্কিবাজি ১ -new- 5/15/2016
1703. ভেল্কিবাজি ২ -new- 5/15/2016
1704. মনাক্কা মনচুরি 11/14/2014
1705. মিজান 7/17/2014
1706. মিজান 7/17/2014
1707. শুধু একবার বল 4/3/2015
1708. সহজ প্রস্ন 7/18/2014
1709. সাপ 11/18/2014
1710. হিংসায় পশুদের থেকে মানুষেই অগ্রণী 4/12/2015
Best Poem of Abdul Wahab

>≫≫I Want To Die

Heavenly cursed and heavily sinned I
No more i like to add them, so, I want to die
And I want to become a holy ghost
Whom the people would like the most.
Like the retreating soldiers I like to come back
To my own permanent and eternal home
You may call it a suicide or martyrdom.

In my real home I see the news
Coming from the lipstick coated lips
In the television of my molten death
People are sobbing with a heavy breath.
The atmosphere is heavy and they feel the pain
This thrills me and gives a feeling of gain.

The only son of my ...

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The Holy Hymn

I beg to thee
I pray to thee.
The most gracious, the most merciful,
The most pious, the most beautiful.
I seek to thee
I heed to thee.
The most sustainer, the most cherisher
The most preserver, the most destroyer.
The owner of the worlds

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