William Matthews

(November 11, 1942 - November 12, 1997 / Cincinnati, Ohio)

William Matthews Poems

1. The Snake 4/28/2015
2. Drizzle 2/10/2015
3. Alcide 4/21/2010
4. A Walk 4/21/2010
5. A Small Room In Aspen 4/21/2010
6. Bedtime 4/21/2010
7. Eyes 4/21/2010
8. Foul Shots: A Clinic 4/21/2010
9. A Life Of Crime 4/21/2010
10. A Roadside Near Ithaca 4/21/2010
11. On The Porch At The Frost Place, Franconia, N. H. 1/13/2003
12. A Happy Childhood 4/21/2010
13. Poem (The Lump Of Coal My Parents Teased) 1/13/2003
14. Job Interview 1/13/2003
15. Mingus At The Showplace 1/13/2003
16. The Blues 1/13/2003
17. Dire Cure 1/13/2003
18. Homer's Seeing-Eye Dog 1/13/2003
19. No Return 1/13/2003
20. A Poetry Reading At West Point 1/13/2003
Best Poem of William Matthews

A Poetry Reading At West Point

I read to the entire plebe class,
in two batches. Twice the hall filled
with bodies dressed alike, each toting
a copy of my book. What would my
shrink say, if I had one, about
such a dream, if it were a dream?

Question and answer time.
"Sir," a cadet yelled from the balcony,
and gave his name and rank, and then,
closing his parentheses, yelled
"Sir" again. "Why do your poems give
me a headache when I try

to understand them?" he asked. "Do
you want that?" I have a gift for
gentle jokes to defuse tension,
but this was not the time to use ...

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The Blues

What did I think, a storm clutching a clarinet
and boarding a downtown bus, headed for lessons?
I had pieces to learn by heart, but at twelve

you think the heart and memory are different.
"'It's a poor sort of memory that only works
backwards,' the Queen remarked." Alice in Wonderland.

Although I knew the way music can fill a room,

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