Vision Ghost

Rookie (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Vision Ghost Poems

1. Surviving Idiots 8/9/2006
2. Reflections Of This 8/10/2006
3. Lillith 7/26/2006
4. In Her Passing 7/26/2006
5. From The Corner Of My Eye 7/26/2006
6. Detonated 7/26/2006
7. Drifter 7/26/2006
8. Ask Yourself 7/26/2006
9. An Angels Crossing 7/26/2006
10. Your Voice In The Dark 7/26/2006
11. She Turned Me 7/26/2006
12. The Drowning Pier 7/26/2006
13. Poltergiest 7/26/2006
14. Kindred, Blood, Spirit 7/26/2006
15. Eclipse 7/26/2006
16. My Final Suicide 7/26/2006
17. Lust And Damnation 7/26/2006
18. The Defeatus War 7/26/2006
19. Flying Upon The Wind 7/26/2006
20. From This Seed 9/19/2006
21. Mysteries 9/20/2006
22. Time, Passage And The Threads Remain 9/21/2006
23. I Walked With My Spirit Today 9/21/2006
24. I Am Lonely Too 9/22/2006
25. Death Charge To The Cannons 9/23/2006
26. Subjected 9/23/2006
27. One Damn Good Friend 9/24/2006
28. When The Quiet Comes 9/24/2006
29. A Motion In Suicide 9/24/2006
30. Habitual Hostilities 9/25/2006
31. Spiritus De Sante 9/25/2006
32. Freeze 9/26/2006
33. Tied (Slave To Her Fury) 9/30/2006
34. When The Darkness Speaks 9/30/2006
35. On The Other Side Waiting 10/1/2006
36. Indescribable Nature 10/1/2006
37. Silent Street 10/1/2006
38. Lust Of The Lyncanthrope 10/2/2006
39. So Pointless With So Worthless Without 10/3/2006
40. Beneath The Guise Of Idiosyncrasies 10/4/2006
Best Poem of Vision Ghost

Insane Asylum

Screams of all the dispossessed echoing through walls of steel
Forgotten void in the blackness hidden from the eyes that feel
Witnessed not by any sense of morality in the brutality here
Beaten, raped and scarred in the boundaries of psychotic fear

Shackled to walls as wrists; bleed from metallic grips in chains
Defecation upon floors unclaimed for so long in ever lost pains
Where the maggots crawl within wounds undressed and festered
For every abundant torture for the human mind is thus tethered

No escape from the induced drugs they pump into rotting ...

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A God Like Me

Turning this way or that, down a grey street, void of people
Shaking this out of myself, a rumbling for the ranting steeple
That is the height of my apostle, a solitary preceptor of this
Seems like fate is always, and is forever, taking the unlimited piss

As there is so much for me to give, so much for them to take
An acronym of my steps seem, to be echoing my motions, to stake
A sweetness found in the bitter fruit that is, illegal and prohibited
Beating this down and screaming the defi

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