Vision Ghost

(24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Poems of Vision Ghost

1. A Bullet For The Child 9/17/2006
2. A Candle To A Cause 11/24/2006
3. A Darker Kiss 10/17/2008
4. A Final Step 12/15/2006
5. A Fingerprint in Space 4/21/2008
6. A God Like Me 7/25/2006
7. A Gothic Suicide 8/9/2006
8. A Graveyard of Regrets 6/3/2009
9. A Motion In Suicide 9/24/2006
10. A New Order Rises 7/26/2006
11. A Scream Within The Tunnel (Trapped) 9/1/2006
12. A Simple Mistake 6/4/2008
13. A Simple Perspective 7/11/2007
14. A Soul for the Universe 2/18/2008
15. A Soul Still Weeps 2/23/2008
16. A Summer Closes 8/29/2007
17. Acsending Angels 4/16/2009
18. Adult Youth 10/18/2006
19. Afraid to Dream 10/24/2009
20. Against A White Sky 9/10/2006

A God Like Me

Turning this way or that, down a grey street, void of people
Shaking this out of myself, a rumbling for the ranting steeple
That is the height of my apostle, a solitary preceptor of this
Seems like fate is always, and is forever, taking the unlimited piss

As there is so much for me to give, so much for them to take
An acronym of my steps seem, to be echoing my motions, to stake
A sweetness found in the bitter fruit that is, illegal and prohibited
Beating this down and screaming the defi

[Hata Bildir]