Tom Sleigh

(Texas / United States)

Tom Sleigh Poems

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18. Blueprint 7/14/2014
19. Day Room 7/14/2014
20. Space 7/14/2014
21. The Animals In The Zoo Don'T Seem Worried 7/14/2014
Best Poem of Tom Sleigh

The Animals In The Zoo Don'T Seem Worried

Looking at the lion behind the plate glass
I wasn't sure what I was looking at: a lion, OK,
but he seemed to come apart, not literally

I mean, but I couldn't see him whole:
Mane. Teeth. The slung belly pumping
as he panted and began to roar. His balls

sheathed in fur swaying a little. His tail's tuft
jerking in an arc like an old-time pump handle
rusted in midair. Somebody or something

I read once said that when Jesus had his vision
of what his father, God, would do to him,
that Jesus could only see pieces of a cross,

pieces of a body ...

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I had a blueprint
of history
in my head —

it was a history of the martyrs
of love, the fools
of tyrants, the tyrants
themselves weeping
at the fate of their own soldiers —

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