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smachine smachine Poems

1. emo 10/30/2008
2. Love, That Doth Reign and Live Within My Thought 11/1/2008
3. maria rose(part two) 10/31/2008
4. Tangled I Was In love's Snare 11/1/2008
5. where the bee sucks, There suck i 11/1/2008
6. health 10/30/2008
7. breeze boy 10/31/2008
8. freeze me 10/30/2008
9. fire to torture 10/30/2008
10. movies 10/30/2008

fire to torture

fire fire fire fire
am i the only one who has an amplefire
torture more torture him
i realy hate the singer baam chickadim
i hate dj devil
why do you have to give me a pebble

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