Roxanne Dubarry

Silver Star - 3,972 Points [Roxy54/October Country] (October 4,1954 / Seattle, Washington)

Roxanne Dubarry Poems

1. 'The Light Is My Hope.' 3/25/2013
2. Autumn's Child 3/27/2013
3. Autumn's Flying Leaves 3/29/2013
4. Oh, The Wonder Of It All! 3/29/2013
5. Spring Time Wish 3/29/2013
6. The Wishing Well 3/29/2013
7. The Keys To My Heart's Door. 3/29/2013
8. Under The Shelter Of His Wings 3/29/2013
9. Heart To Heart 3/25/2013
10. There's A Time 3/29/2013
11. 'Sing A Song' 3/29/2013
12. The Candlestick 3/30/2013
13. Friends 3/30/2013
14. Six Years 3/30/2013
15. Forever Spring 3/30/2013
16. Psalm Of Praise 4/9/2013
17. 'The First Christmas Night' 4/9/2013
18. Snowflakes 4/9/2013
19. 'My Former Poetic Best Friend.' 4/9/2013
20. 'V Is For Victory' 4/22/2013
21. To My Mother, Eleanor, With All My Love On Mother's Day 4/22/2013
22. He's Still Your Dad. 4/27/2013
23. God's, 'Awesome Sky.' #1 4/27/2013
24. God's, 'Awesome Sky.' #2 4/27/2013
25. The Treasurer Of Our Faith 4/22/2013
26. Behold I Can See Old Glory 4/30/2013
27. Dearest Pastor Kari 5/5/2013
28. Poetry Is....By Roxanne #1 5/5/2013
29. Paint A Picture 5/5/2013
30. Psalm Of Hope 5/8/2013
31. My Special Friend 5/8/2013
32. Interlude 5/8/2013
33. Psalm Of David 5/8/2013
34. David's Honor 5/8/2013
35. Love #1 5/8/2013
36. Love # 2 5/8/2013
37. Poetry Is...#2 5/8/2013
38. Christ, 'The Keeper Of The Flame.' 4/30/2013
39. 'The Spirit Of Brotherly Love.' 4/30/2013
40. Autumn's Child' #2 4/30/2013
Best Poem of Roxanne Dubarry

What Manner Of Love Is This?

How much my special friend must love me!
Some day we will get together again
and be separated by time and space and
place no more.

He alone truly holds the keys to my heart's open door.
What manner of Love is this?
Never to end in a single good night kiss.
But to fill my heart and soul with his
redeeming love for me lasting throughout
all eternity.

His Love is a real to me as the daily breath
that I breath. Never to dwell alone
in the world we live in, nor to be afraid.

I do not fear of what lays beyond the grave.
When I close mine ...

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Heart To Heart

Heart to heart friendships mean so much; because
special friends keep in touch.
Friends really care, and have good times
to share. Ties are formed each year, creating pleasant
memories to hold dear. Because they are blessed by Christ's love
divine, heart to heart friendships can last a life time.
Treasured memories of good times, and bad, speak to our
hearts and make them glad. Heart to heart friendships are
true blue and mean a lot to both me and you.

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