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(16th august,1987 / KANIGIRI)

Poems of Queeny Gona

81. Trip to Downie Institute of Biblical Studies 10/17/2013
82. Triumphal Journey 7/25/2009
83. Uncertainty's Certainity! 11/15/2012
84. Untitled 7/28/2013
85. Who Can Fill My Vaccum? 8/19/2013
86. Within the valves! 8/24/2013
87. Your Choice For Me? 8/19/2013

Open Call

Today, those that entice the youth,
With satirical honey flavoured poisonous eloquence,
Neither nurtures the youth in need,
Nor do wish to miss their egoistic tea,

Television screen rains, young sweat & blood,
By stone pelting, lathi charge and the like Alas!
We are no better than scapegoat.
Our career, at stake!

[Hata Bildir]