Queeny Gona

(16th august,1987 / KANIGIRI)

Poems of Queeny Gona

81. Today's Children 10/31/2013
82. Torn Myself Away From Undesirable Guest 8/19/2013
83. Tribute To Father 8/19/2013
84. Trip to Downie Institute of Biblical Studies 10/17/2013
85. Triumphal Journey 7/25/2009
86. Uncertainty's Certainity! 11/15/2012
87. Untitled 7/28/2013
88. Who Can Fill My Vaccum? 8/19/2013
89. Within the valves! 8/24/2013
90. Your Choice For Me? 8/19/2013


I used to fly all over the world
Chirping along with my flock
Flying round and round and round
But now I am all alone caged here
Missing my friends and family
Above all, my freedom.
My feelings! The selfishmen never care
Chained me, wore me and tore me
My body, mind and soul their slaves.

[Hata Bildir]