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  • 1.
    The Lesson

    Chaos ruled OK in the classroom
    as bravely the teacher walked in
    the nooligans ignored him
    his voice was lost in the din

    'The theme for today is violence
    and homework will be set
    I'm going to teach you a lesson
    one that you'll never forget'

    He picked on a boy who was shouting
    and throttled him then and there
    then garrotted the girl behind him
    (the one with grotty hair)

    Then sword in hand he hacked his way
    between the chattering rows
    'First come, first severed' he declared
    'fingers, feet or toes'

    He threw the sword at a latecomer
    it struck with deadly aim
    then pulling out a shotgun
    he continued with his game

    The first blast cleared the backrow
    (where those who skive hang out)
    they collapsed like rubber dinghies
    when the plug's pulled out

    'Please may I leave the room sir? '
    a trembling vandal enquired
    'Of course you may' said teacher
    put the gun to his temple and fired

    The Head popped a head round the doorway
    to see why a din was being made
    nodded understandingly
    then tossed in a grenade

    And when the ammo was well spent
    with blood on every chair
    Silence shuffled forward
    with its hands up in the air

    The teacher surveyed the carnage
    the dying and the dead
    He waggled a finger severely
    'Now let that be a lesson' he said read more »

  • 2.
    My excuses

    I started on my homework
    but my pen ran out of ink.
    My hamster ate my homework.
    My computer's on the blink. read more »

  • 3.
    school school school

    Every school has a name but
    school is so lame
    school what can I say
    school im there like every day read more »

  • 4.
    Farm Boy After Summer

    A seated statue of himself he seems.
    A bronze slowness becomes him. Patently
    The page he contemplates he doesn't see. read more »

  • 5.

    Ricky was 'L' but he's home with the flu,
    Lizzie, our 'O,' had some homework to do,
    Mitchell, 'E' prob'ly got lost on the way, read more »

  • 6.

    Sometimes my homework is small
    Sometimes my homework is long
    But whenever i do my homework
    My homework is always wrong read more »

  • 7.
    Why do i hate my Homework?

    Why do I hate my homework?
    It is a pest like a brother
    Or a sister of another
    It is like a very boring book read more »

  • 8.
    I cannot.....

    I cannot relax and read a book
    There is always dinner to cook
    I cannot think of staring into space
    I may miss a chance in the rat race read more »

  • 9.
    (021) My Luck Abandoned Me

    Ever since I set foot in school for my new academic year
    It looks like luck has abandoned me
    My bus came late to pick me up for school
    So guess who is punished, me! read more »

  • 10.
    Tests And Homework And Quizzes AND SCHOOL

    You know that if there was one thing,
    That you could take from school,
    It wouldn't be art or math or history,
    It would be work. read more »

  • 11.

    School is fun,
    School is great,
    Even if your late. read more »

  • 12.

    homework again?
    will this drudgery ever end?
    what do they expect from someone like me
    when i don't even know my a, b, c, s. read more »

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