Nikhil Parekh

Freshman - 508 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

The First Thing I Would Do - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

If I were a ferocious panther the first thing I would do; was devour my
with unprecedented relish,
Then sleep in my den in the heart of the jungle cloistered from acrid
impregnating the atmosphere with my snores.

If I were an inconspicuous mosquito the first thing I would do; was to
parsimonious amounts of blood from supple complexioned flesh,
Then buzz incessantly in vicinity of the eardrum; driving the
individual to
the threshold of raw indignation.

If I were a long legged spider the first thing I would do; was to weave
silken web with the sticky gel in my belly,
Then patiently wait for innocuous insects to get trapped in; before
pulverizing them to succulent pulp.

If I were a handsome grey lizard the first thing I would do; was to
pounce on my victim; strangulating it with my coherently synchronized
Then perching myself in hidden cavities of the tube light; laboriously
try and
swallow my sumptuous meal.
If I were an indolent cow grazing on the hills the first thing I would
do; was
to munch lush green grass protruding from the soil,
Then spend marathon hours chewing the same; succeeded by an afternoon
with the sun shining in my eyes.
If I were a preposterously huge elephant wandering through the swampy
the first thing I would do; was submerge my trunk in water; evacuating
colossal amounts of the solvent,
Then sprinkling the same with equanimity and brute power; on all
animals in
the surrounding.
If I were a disdainfully colored cockroach the first thing I would do;
was to
swish my tentacles rampantly in exuberance,
Then cling as tightly as possible to inner seams of the lavatory seat;
for dawn to descend in utter exasperation.
If I were a enchanting cuckoo the first thing I would do; was to
adroitly flex
vocal chords deep down in my throat,
Inundating the ambience with melodious music; profoundly enjoying the
aftermath of the same.
If I were a heinous criminal the first thing I would do; was to
sabotage prime
Stripping the overwhelmingly rich of their affluence; philandering all
throughout the night under sleazy lights of the blaring discotheque.
If I were a normal human being the first thing I would do; was to find
inevitable love of my life,
Incarcerate the same for the remaining time till I breathed air;
dedicate my
entire time towards protection of her being.
And If I were the omniscient creator the first thing I would do; was to
annihilate all poverty and suffering,
Make sure that all those living continued to live in perpetual
for decades immemorial. 

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