Patrick White

Rookie (September l5, l948 / Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada)

Patrick White Poems

1. The Widening Compass Of Pain 10/10/2012
2. A Day Of Writing 2/6/2012
3. You Were The Intimacy 2/23/2012
4. My Death Was A Quiet Event 7/10/2013
5. Rain At Five In The Morning. Can'T Sleep 10/22/2012
6. Yes, There Are Pale Gardens 6/14/2013
7. You Are Crazy 2/6/2012
8. Taking An Upbeat Flambuoyant Approach Toward Catastrophe 2/21/2012
9. I Don'T Know What I'M Here For 6/30/2013
10. Counting Orphic Skulls On The Abacus Of A Spider Web 2/16/2013
11. Alcohol, Sex, And This Cold Spring Night In Their Blood 5/17/2013
12. Mad People Trying To Impress Me 5/20/2013
13. Flowers Are The Clocks Of The Light 3/17/2012
14. On A Barren Hilltop In The Moonlight 9/26/2013
15. Sitting On A Park Bench In Stewart Park 5/17/2013
16. Bright Morning 2/12/2012
17. The Brighter The Light, The Deeper The Shadow 8/19/2012
18. Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go 10/12/2012
19. Feel Like There's A Beast 6/5/2012
20. Is Silence The Negative Space Of Words 12/2/2012
21. Stupid, Stupid World Full Of Lies 10/7/2012
22. One Earth, One Third Eye, One Wild Iris Of Life In Space 4/28/2013
23. Just Go. Just Go. 8/17/2013
24. I Can Feel The Skin Peeling Off Me Like Old Paint 6/25/2013
25. I'M Having An Unrequited Love Affair With Myself 9/8/2012
26. Writing Graffiti On The Blue Walls Of Heaven 3/11/2012
27. Looking At The Sky 2/5/2012
28. Impoverished Like A Loser With A High Iq 2/1/2012
29. Salt Trucks Out On The Street 1/9/2012
30. Sweet One, Sapphire Lapwing 1/25/2012
31. I Woke Up Saying Your Name 2/3/2012
32. I Miss You 2/15/2012
33. I Have Never Said 1/31/2012
34. My Secret Place 2/25/2012
35. The Object Of Our Devotion 5/31/2012
36. Yellow Wildflowers Under A Grey Sky 4/18/2012
37. I Turn Out The Lights 6/8/2012
38. All This Stuff 6/27/2012
39. My Back Aching Like The Sky Goddess Nut Doing Yoga 9/11/2012
40. In Moonlight And Rubber Boots 6/27/2013
Best Poem of Patrick White

The Widening Compass Of Pain


At war with the world and yourself
like two halves of the same unbroken wishbone,
teach the children how to approach their crossroads
in peace, and speak of the sword of the slayer
like a sacred syllable in the mouth of the slain
that cut through your umbilical cord
like a link in a golden chain that held you back
from the liberation of a lyrically unbounded life.

Mollify the poison of the thorn with the cure
in the medicine bag of the other fang.
When the wedding gown of the Japanese plum tree
is ruined in the rain and the dust like...

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Burning World, Take Me

Burning world, take me, fold me in your flaming arms
and let me disappear into the unforgiving night.
Among these blind, here, in their black eggs,
eyeless birds who nest in their own ignorance,
I am the leper of light they drive out
with the stone of the moon, the wolf
with the mystic wound that will not heal until the last star
is born of the bleeding. Return me to the cold, brutal beauty
of your mineral wilderness, my bones on Venus

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