Musfiq us shaleheen

Silver Star - 4,041 Points (31st, December,1970 / Khulna, Bangladesh)

Musfiq us shaleheen Poems

241. Where The Earth 1/20/2016
242. Which Has Yet To Create An Illusion 5/6/2015
243. Whispering The Words On The Street Goes Through 3/8/2015
244. Winter 1/10/2014
245. Without Living Mine 8/15/2014
246. Wood Without Bark 11/26/2015
247. Words Chosen For Love 7/21/2014
248. Words Within Too Many Words 7/11/2015
249. Yellow Flowers In A Golden Day 11/25/2015
250. Yesterday And Today 11/12/2013
251. Yet A Chance Of Fatal Error 6/30/2015
252. You Are Not Mine Anymore.... 12/13/2013
253. You Can'T Stop Words 11/11/2014
254. Your Form Of Mystery 2/8/2015
255. Y-Road 11/21/2015
256. অন্যথায় একা 8/19/2016
257. অনাবিষ্কৃত সৌন্দর্যের অনাবৃত রূপ 9/13/2016
258. কোনো হলুদ দিনে কৃষ্ণচূড়া ফুটলে 4/28/2015
259. ঘাস ফুলের ভালোবাসা 10/18/2016
260. দূরে যায় 10/23/2016
261. দেরি ছিল না খুব 11/9/2016
262. পড়ন্ত বসন্ত 6/6/2016
263. পথের বাঁকে হারানো পথ 7/21/2016
264. বৈশাখ 4/15/2015
265. মজা কদমের গন্ধ 6/30/2016
266. যখন নাও ভিড়বে ঘাটে 8/3/2016
267. সৃষ্টির ইতিহাসের রোমান্টিসিজম 7/24/2016
Best Poem of Musfiq us shaleheen

1971: A War Of Liberation

After Nine month bloodshed-
A healthy baby born on low
laying part of the southern earth
Neo sediments overlaid on the
footprint of bloody rustic soldier boot
Kicked off by the freedom fighter,
my bro in the liberation WAR

Though wings were broken as if,
Feather looms were exhausted
Baby afflicted to smile herself with
priceless sun shines on the horizon

They demonstrated to doom young,
Cut off my culture and raped my sister
But could not smash my
religion and cultural sympathy,
Plays over through rivers
and songs by ...

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School Song-Haiku

Table clock has rang
Boy has supposed to hang
He should be can
One day he will be a man
I think it is a big fun
Bag has on his shoulder
Books like some big boulder!
And he runs like a smart soldier

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