Muhammad ibn Idris Al Shafii

(767-820 / فلسطين / غزة)

Muhammad ibn Idris Al Shafii Poems

1. To Live Free From Harm's Way 4/14/2014
2. People 4/14/2014
3. O Hearer Of Supplications 4/14/2014
4. Never Be Saddened 4/14/2014
5. Friends 4/14/2014
6. They Said 4/14/2014
7. Confusion 4/14/2014
8. By Yourself 4/14/2014
9. A Person Wants 4/14/2014
10. Egypt 4/14/2014
11. O You Who Seeks Glory And Strength 4/14/2014
12. Love 4/14/2014
13. Travel Far Away 4/14/2014
14. Faults 4/14/2014
15. Part From The Days 4/14/2014
16. The One Who I Love Was Sick 4/14/2014
17. Allah Has Intelligent Slaves 4/14/2014
18. When My Heart Hardened 4/14/2014
19. How Surprising 4/14/2014
20. Every Type Of Enmity 4/14/2014
21. A Call To Travel 4/14/2014
22. On Fatalism 10/16/2014
Best Poem of Muhammad ibn Idris Al Shafii

On Fatalism

Not always wealth, not always force
A splendid destiny commands;
The lordly vulture gnaws the corpse
That rots upon yon barren sands.

Nor want, nor weakness still conspires
To bind us to a sordid state;
The fly that with a touch expires
Sips honey from the royal plate.

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How Surprising

How surprising that God can be disobeyed!
Or that the unbeliever can deny Him so
When there is a witness for God in every single thing
That moves about or is rested at peace.
And in everything there is truly a Sign
That shows He is indeed One (God).

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