LaTasha Diane Thomas

Poems of LaTasha Diane Thomas

1. A Long Walk Home 11/30/2012
2. Country Delight 1/20/2013
3. Crush or 2 Be Crushed 11/27/2012
4. Guarded Garden Of Love 2/2/2013
5. Jaded 1/27/2013
6. Learning Disappointment 3/6/2013
7. Love Virus 11/25/2012
8. My Promise To You 8/20/2013
9. True Love 11/27/2012
10. Undeserving 11/12/2012
11. Why Quit Now 12/9/2012
12. Worth The Wait 12/22/2012

Crush or 2 Be Crushed

Smitten…Do you call me foolish for being a fool
Fuzzy bunnies and butterflies, I guess that's cool
Curious…All day I long for him to notice me or give me a simple wink
Does he even care about how I feel or what I think
Weak…Sick to my soul, sending chills thru my knees
Crying so hard that my tears start to bleed
Crazy...Screaming because I'm stuck on this emotional rollercoaster
Waiting for the pinch as a sign that this nightmare is over
Confused...That I can't fathom his nonchalant hea

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