John Gabriel

Poems of John Gabriel

1. A True Friend 11/22/2013
2. Best Friends Are Like Stars... 11/8/2013
3. Blood Is Thicker Than Water 11/25/2013
4. Boogers 1/4/2014
5. Eyes Of Blue 11/30/2013
6. I farted I farted 11/17/2013
7. King Of The Barnyard 11/19/2013
8. Marilyn Monroe 11/26/2013
9. Mr. Crow and Life's Journey 11/8/2013
10. Never Out Of Style 12/1/2013
11. Sweetheart, sweetheart I’ve been thinking 2/1/2014
12. Thank God It’s Friday Night 11/22/2013

King Of The Barnyard

Mr. Rooster do you know just how lucky you are
when it comes to the barnyard you are the star

You crow out every single morning to start your day
before heading to the henhouse to have some play

There’s so many lady chickens for you to choose
with those kind of odds it’s hard for you to lose

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