Jim Yerman

Bronze Star - 2,175 Points [Jim]

Jim Yerman Poems

1. I Wonder About Elephants -new- 6/30/2016
2. I Wonder About Babies 4/4/2016
3. I Wonder About Sunrise And Dreams 4/5/2016
4. I Wonder About Teachers And Students 4/7/2016
5. I Wonder About Success 4/8/2016
6. I Wonder About Kindness 4/9/2016
7. I Wonder About I Can't 4/10/2016
8. I Wonder About Tulips 4/11/2016
9. I Wonder About Montains 4/12/2016
10. I Wonder About Winter 4/13/2016
11. I Wonder About Fog 4/14/2016
12. I Wonder About Nature 4/15/2016
13. I Wonder About The Night 4/16/2016
14. I Wonder About Miracles 4/17/2016
15. I Wonder About Parenting 4/18/2016
16. I Wonder About Tragedies 4/19/2016
17. I Wonder About Fairy Tales 4/20/2016
18. I Wonder About Good Vs Evil 5/15/2016
19. I Wonder Abou Stars 5/16/2016
20. I Wonder What Might Have Been 5/17/2016
21. I Wonder If We're At A Crossroad 5/18/2016
22. I Wonder About Thanks 5/19/2016
23. I Wonder About Love And Hate -new- 6/25/2016
24. I Wonder About Misinterpreting God -new- 6/26/2016
25. I Wonder About Taking Chances -new- 6/27/2016
26. I Wonder About Freedom -new- 6/28/2016
27. I Woner About Sadness -new- 6/29/2016
28. I Wonder About Grandchildren 5/21/2016
29. I Wonder About The Butterfly 5/22/2016
30. I Wonder About Destiny 5/23/2016
31. I Wonder About The News 5/24/2016
32. I Wonder Why We Love Children's Concerts 5/25/2016
33. I Wonder About Mirrors 5/26/2016
34. I Wonder About Old Friends 5/27/2016
35. I Wonder About Heroes 5/28/2016
36. I Wonder What They Were Fighting For 5/29/2016
37. I Wonder About Memorial Day 5/30/2016
38. I Wonder About A World Divided 5/31/2016
39. I Wonder About Music 6/1/2016
40. I Wonder About Optimism And Pessimism 6/2/2016
Best Poem of Jim Yerman

Don'T Worry, Be Happy

We live in a world that doesn’t slow down, it’s seems everyone’s in a hurry
Which causes us lots of stress, lots of anxiety, and an abundance of worry.

We worry about money, our health, our children, we worry about being late
We worry about getting older, about our jobs and gaining weight.

I imagine amidst all this hustle, all this bustle, all this hapless hurrying
There are even people out there who worry about worrying!

Worrying can be debilitating, it can be an enemy and a curse
And everyone knows telling someone not to worry, only makes it worse.


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A Country Song

If you spend any time in the mountains it doesn’t take very long
After turning on the radio to hear a country and western song.

Country music is often as sweet as listening to the birds
Not only can you catch the beat but you understand the words.

Country music has recurring themes at least from what I hear
For instance if you sing about a tractor, it’s got to be John Deere.

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