Treasure Island

Jessie Mackay

(1864 - 1938 / Rakaia Gorge)

Poems of Jessie Mackay

1. A Folk Song 1/4/2003
2. Dunedin in the Gloaming 1/4/2003
3. October in New Zealand 1/1/2004
4. Ortygia 1/1/2004
5. Rona in the Moon 5/15/2012
6. Song of the Driftweed 1/1/2004
7. The Burial of Sir John Mackenzie 1/4/2003
8. The Grey Company 1/4/2003

Dunedin in the Gloaming

Like a black, enamoured King whispered low the thunder
To the lights of Roslyn, terraced far asunder:
Hovered low the sister cloud in wild, warm wonder.

"O my love, Dunedin town, the only, the abiding!
Who can look undazzled up where the Norn is riding, --
Watch the sword of destiny from the scabbard gliding!

"Dark and rich and ringing true -- word and look for ever;

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