Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

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Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A) Poems

1. Matthias Smith 5/19/2012
2. Tears 5/19/2012
3. Glory 5/19/2012
4. Vivacity 5/19/2012
5. Mentor 5/19/2012
6. Out Of Circle 5/19/2012
7. Place 5/19/2012
8. Alone, The Murder 5/21/2012
9. View Of Humans 5/29/2012
10. Prisoners 6/18/2012
11. Vlad, The Mr. Of Lies 7/5/2012
12. Mattias Smith_2 7/14/2012
13. Master Of Shadow's King 7/15/2012
14. Winter 7/18/2012
15. Castle Of Night 7/24/2012
16. Tale Of Two Legend 7/25/2012
17. My Boeing 9/3/2012
18. For Dear Greg. 2/28/2013
19. Adventures Of Two Captains_ Part 6_ Ashlandic Fame 4/26/2013
20. Kharazmi Festival_ Elias Aghili 6/27/2013
21. For Mehrdad_ English& German. 8/27/2013
22. Merci A Diue Pour Tout Chose 8/29/2013
23. Rain& Green 9/18/2013
24. Welcome(Sorry For Delay) 10/18/2013
25. For Master Naghib 10/20/2013
26. People We Meet 11/21/2013
27. Shayan And The Old Man 11/24/2013
28. Still There Are Chances 2/28/2014
29. Adventures Of Two Captains_ In Darkness There Are Hopes. The Last Part Of Season One. 3/27/2014
30. December 25(Uncle's Turn) _ Amazing Vacation. 12/18/2013
31. For Mitch Claspy 12/19/2013
32. Dedicated To Dear Solomon 6/6/2014
33. The Return Of The Sea's Hero 7/12/2014
34. Das Vertrauen(Translation Of Mr. Pouya Rezanejad's Poem, The Trust) 12/24/2015
35. Oceaan Van De Ogen 12/24/2015
36. I Know It's Late 12/19/2016
37. From A Prisoner, In Cooperation With Unwritten Soul 12/19/2016
38. From A Friend To The Messengers Of Peace 12/19/2016
39. For The Master Of Limericks 8/31/2013
40. Wind& Brown 9/18/2013
Best Poem of Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

Nature Or Nation, Or Nurture? (Ft. Nader Baheri)

For the people in some parts of Asia or Africa
where a talented baby may become another Garcia Lorca

In the rough social conditions of the third world societies
In the rough political situations and conspiracies

Where a talented boy is born in
Where all people are rough only his mother is tender to him

He will soon find that he is on the rim
of a cliff

He wants the upswing
But he may fly or be broken wing

Let him sing his song
Listen to the sound of his drums
That is like the boisterous waves of a river
Then you see he is ...

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It's a clime; it's a blame, that's the line...
No, that's the awful power of the crime
It's the night and the moon is shut
Shut the hell up! You are done!
Wait a minute! You've been gone!
..How can tell me…these things you!
Because im not singing rock and roll!
I am free, I were though!
I have seen the light, even though!

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