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Dorian Petersen Potter Poems

161. Hidden In The Shadows (Story Poem) 7/19/2013
162. Highs And Lows 8/3/2005
163. Him ((Pentaphor) 7/18/2013
164. His Angels 5/24/2007
165. His Love Is Eternal(Sonnet) 8/3/2013
166. His Love Is Great (Double Tetractys) 11/28/2009
167. His Loving Gift (Sestina) 11/28/2009
168. His Name Is Jesus (Mirror Poem) 7/18/2013
169. Homeless (Monchielle) 11/27/2009
170. Homeless (The Termelay) 7/19/2013
171. Hope (Free Style) 8/3/2013
172. Hope(2) (Rhyming Couplets) 11/28/2009
173. How Can I Not Love You? (Free Verse) 7/20/2013
174. I Am A Clown 8/3/2005
175. I Bake A Cake (Double Rondelet) 7/20/2013
176. I Believe (Kyrielle Sonnet) 7/20/2013
177. I Know Sometimes (Rondine) 8/9/2014
178. I Love You Jesus (Free Style) 7/19/2013
179. I Want To Write (Double Rondelet) 7/20/2013
180. If I Only Could 8/3/2005
181. If We Could See (Free Style) 8/3/2013
182. If Your Heart Begins To Ache 8/3/2005
183. Illness (George's Mirrored Hourglass) 7/20/2013
184. In God (Balloon Poetry) 6/17/2014
185. In His Divine Love (Kyrielle) 7/18/2013
186. In His Glory And Power (Beacon Of Hope) 7/18/2013
187. In His Light Forevermore (Sonnet) 7/19/2013
188. In My Prayers (Free Style) 8/3/2013
189. In The Lord (Lanturne) 6/17/2014
190. In Your Heart (Tigerjade) 7/18/2013
191. Injustices (Quinzaine) 7/20/2013
192. Invitation (Triolet) 7/18/2013
193. It Is Great (Free Style Quatrains) 7/18/2013
194. It Takes A Turn (Free Style) 7/19/2013
195. It's Not Easy (Anaphora) 7/18/2013
196. It's So Crystal Clear (Kyrielle) 7/19/2013
197. Jesus Is Great (The Minute Poem) 12/1/2016
198. Jesus (Kyrielle) 7/20/2013
199. Jesus Is My Savior, My Best Friend Too (Etheree) 7/28/2013
200. Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins) (Acrostic) 7/20/2013
Best Poem of Dorian Petersen Potter

A Graduation Day Poem(Acrostic)

Happy Graduation Day to you!
At last you've completed this journey.
Preparing for a long time you've
Pursued what you've dreamed for and now
You are going on your way up

Greater things are waiting for you and
Really you are on your way now
And there's a more in the future for you to do and your
Dad and your mom must be very proud of you
Use your talents well and be the best you can be, remember
All that you have done to get where you're now
This is not the end but it's just the beginning for you so
Inspire others you meet on your way out to ...

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The Bee

(children's poem)

One two and three
Flying I see a bee
And when it sees me
I dash and flee!

I run 'round a tree

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