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Chris Forhan

(1959 - / Seattle, Washington)

Poems of Chris Forhan

1. A Child's Guide to Etiquette 3/19/2012
2. Billet-Doux 3/19/2012
3. Gouge, Adze, Rasp, Hammer 1/13/2003
4. Last Words 3/19/2012
5. Late Meditation 3/19/2012
6. My Almost-Daughter, my Nearly-was Son 3/19/2012
7. Prayer's Before Sleep 3/19/2012
8. Vanishing Act 3/19/2012

Prayer's Before Sleep

Straight A's on arithmetic quizzes, your cheek gets ground
into the concrete down here, Sir. Thank You

for sending only Your smallest monsters to find me
and Your giant silence, thank You for that, within it

I accept that the Beatles won't sing in my rec room ever
and my gerbil will not unstiffen and nibble through his shoebox.

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