April Humason

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April Humason Poems

1. The Naughty Leprechaun 3/17/2014
2. Kissable Soul 3/1/2015
3. Posting Selfie's 3/1/2015
4. Thank You For Being My Dad 5/22/2013
5. Change 5/5/2014
6. Reality Show -new- 4/16/2015
7. 'Bang Bang Clang' 5/29/2014
8. Family Road Trip 4/19/2013
9. I Never Got To 4/12/2013
10. Pregnancy Fantasies 3/23/2014
11. Role Models 3/7/2014
12. Stuck In Neutral 4/19/2013
13. Share My Life With 4/19/2013
14. Smothering Love 6/16/2013
15. Romantic Love Affair 5/22/2013
16. Bonding From The Womb 10/22/2013
17. On The Naughty List 12/26/2013
18. Released From His Thorns 10/22/2013
19. Just Love Me 12/27/2013
20. The Witness Stand 2/9/2015
21. The Abuser 2/9/2015
22. Our Relationship 5/22/2013
23. Spirit Of Life 5/22/2013
24. The One 2/9/2015
25. You Said He Said 4/19/2013
26. The Spirit Of Christmas 2/10/2015
27. Flowers And Fruit 2/9/2015
28. My Knight Another Night 2/10/2015
29. Forever More 3/24/2015
30. Baby Boy 3/1/2015
31. Choose 5/22/2013
32. My Reality 5/22/2013
33. Ever Lasting 4/19/2013
34. I Will Share 4/19/2013
35. Gambler 4/19/2013
36. He Never Let Me 4/19/2013
37. Free Falling 4/19/2013
38. We Share 5/22/2013
39. Mother From God 5/22/2013
40. The Match 5/22/2013
Best Poem of April Humason

The Naughty Leprechaun

I use to wear a shamrock on Saint Patricks day until I became his prey. The leprechaun sold all my pot of gold and left me with only a coin. Now I can't be a host and give you a toast of happiness since he drunk all my beer. He's the savage that ate all my cabbage. He was wearing all green and being so mean. He was the thief of all my four leaf clover's. The tornado that's sucking up my rainbow. He's not even Irish acting all this childish. He has played around and stole from my parade. Maybe I was gonna get lucky this holiday but then I met him and became all unlucky in Ireland. Now I'm ...

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Kissable Soul

I stole only a glimpse of him and now my soul embodies in lustfulness sin. For it was the hue blue of his eyes that infested me with toxicity. It was his muscular body that made me into a sexual bloodsucker. It was the smell of his cologne that propelled me into a love spell. Then it was the way that he smiled that made me his sick love child. And how his clothes hugged all over his sexy body making me interpose sexual fantasies. This is the cost for craving just a kiss of his soft lips?


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