Aniruddha Pathak

(25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Poems of Aniruddha Pathak

1. 2nd October 12/27/2013
2. A beast of heart 12/16/2013
3. A beggar boy 12/27/2013
4. A blouse that wows 12/14/2013
5. A bud that blossoms late 1/5/2013
6. A child three-way styled 12/13/2013
7. A date with death 10/17/2012
8. A date with ducks 10/28/2012
9. A day of prayer and homage in name 1/5/2013
10. A drug called love 12/29/2013
11. A fool cast set in heedless mind 12/29/2013
12. A friend or foe 10/25/2012
13. A gift of God 12/28/2013
14. A Jackpot When Takes A Lot 12/30/2013
15. A journey from teenage to tonnage 12/27/2013
16. A lady so fickle 12/16/2013
17. A loo ere ye woo 1/5/2013
18. A lunch box that lost innocence 10/28/2012
19. A Man Learned 12/13/2013
20. A Manifesto On The Mend 12/30/2013

Footprints upon my sands

Man as in poor image of God is made,
His footprints of acts scarce to my heart reach;
History may have recorded his work,
I need no such printed prints him to know.
I can hear and feel him walking ‘pon me;
Let me wait till that wave rises from sea
Erasing wrinkles off my body’s skin;
And if that tide, always a ready friend,
Whilst receding back to the heart of sea,

[Hata Bildir]