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  • 41.

    Raped by a soldier
    Bombsplittered baby read more »

  • 42.

    We think we're men of steel
    We're angry and we're fueled
    Commanding, they retreat

    Prisoners of the war
    Captured fallen peace
    Will they find the door read more »

  • 43.

    Black car wrong side of the road
    Saying look out jack
    We're taking him home
    To his promised land
    We're taking him home read more »

    God Machine
  • 44.
    Geography Ii

    There was a soldier
    War material
    Under the rain
    Soulkilling, complain
    And life to sustain
    Pain - no pain
    There will be ructions
    More rebellions
    Looting, rout
    He's afraid of such a waste read more »

    Front 242
  • 45.
    Fallen Soldier

    Stranger on the face of it.
    Brother in the heart of a nation that prays for you, loves you, calls you by name

    Struck out, like some criminal
    Cut down like an animal, suddenly everything I know, just ain't the same

    We ask for solution
    Did anyone hear us?
    For your retribution
    Did anyone care?
    So while this world marches on with the memory gone
    My heart will remember

    You are my fallen soldier
    One of our many martyrs
    I would have loved to know you
    Still you're my fallen soldier

    [Rpt x 2] read more »

    Beverley Knight
  • 46.
    Echoes Of Tragedy

    Where sun creates shadow's games
    where tragic echoes speak of death why Lord why
    between the ruins through lakes of holy blood
    I walk in tears for my wasted land
    Echoes of tragedy carved on my steel read more »

  • 47.
    Hey Sister

    Hey sister, hey sister
    Things move all alone
    You know that I
    Can't stand what you do
    And it won't be too long read more »

  • 48.
    Still Inside Of You

    Soldiers of the fortune
    Looking for the kill
    Soldiers of the fortune
    They turn their backs
    They turn their backs at will read more »

    Why Store
  • 49.
    Pretty Mary K

    Almost forgot
    Started to say
    Rode into the sun
    Asked everyone
    Haleluja read more »

    Elliott Smith
  • 50.
    Big Boots

    (words & music by wayne - edwards)
    They call your daddy big boots
    And big boots is his name
    It takes a big man to wear big boots
    That’s your daddy’s claim to fame read more »

    Elvis Presley
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