Songs About / On: POVERTY

In this page, songs on / about “poverty” are listed.
  • 31.
    A Mans A Man For All That

    by Robert Burns
    Is there for honest poverty
    That hangs his head, an' a' that read more »

    Burns Robert
  • 32.
    City Of Damnation

    Deep within these ruins is a city full of life
    A growing force surpassing all the poverty and strife
    An underground militia taking orders from but one
    The right to choose who lives or dies 'til senseless victories won
    The deadly prowlers are active through the night read more »

  • 33.
    Wind - Storm Song

    Wind why do you blow into poor people's eyes
    And push the rich ones ahead
    Not letting them have a breath of poverty
    Wind you stream the hair
    Of bad and good people
    Chill their bodies with yout blow
    Cool our exited minds read more »

  • 34.
    Cannibale Ballet

    Your life is in danger...
    Beware of the cannibal whores
    Keep your distance from the uncivilised humans
    Observe their daily ritual of desvration and dismemberment
    Bamboo shelters degrated with carcasses read more »

  • 35.
    The Other Part

    Well tell me how ya been?
    I see I see I see well that's too bad
    Say, what?
    It's hard to beleive read more »

    House Of Large Sizes
  • 36.
    Songburst & Delirium

    Wide awake in the candlelight
    Stoned straight, crashing
    Ocean wave patterns and sunset
    In their prime
    Shoulder demons tell me read more »

    I Mother Earth
  • 37.
    If I Only Had Time (the Godfathers)

    Today a new sun rises
    Look in the mirror there's no surprises
    Things ain't what they used to be
    Cary Grant's on L.S.D.
    If I only had time read more »

  • 38.
    The Conflict

    You can't deal with the problem on the surface anymore
    go for the root -
    and put your boot in the door
    knock down the walls
    and get right to the core read more »

  • 39.
    Sometimes It Feels Like... *?!%+!*

    There's a specter in the corner of an illustrated page
    And a lonesome muted stripling with a rapt remedial gaze.
    The poverty of his language and the wealth of his emotion
    Bring him endless murky musings and unexpected frustration
    Angst and madness weave the fabric of his life.
    Tomorrow might be better but right now it feels like
    There's a panther wild and proud behind the doors of a redolent cage,
    And an underdeveloped intellect filled with impotent and static rage.
    And don't think you're exempt if you earn good weekly wages,
    'Cause you're neighbor's going crazy and insanity's contagious.
    I know there's so much you want to say
    But your tongue gets in the way and sometimes it feels like
    I know there's so much you want to say
    And the tumbrel of your mind gets in the way.
    It's the same for everybody to degrees.
    We all get that foggy freeze and sometimes it feels like
    %&$#*%(&")""$%@*%)*&"%(65("$8%$#&3("5(&%)9%9"$868 read more »

    Bad Religion
  • 40.
    Hey Luciani!

    I said Luciani
    The future's here today
    I said Hey Luciani
    Pope of three three days read more »

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