Songs About / On: POVERTY

In this page, songs on / about “poverty” are listed.
  • 11.

    I don't want to rent a house from you
    I don't know how you can expect me to
    I ain't moving 'cause I know my rights
    Too many homeless on the streets at night read more »

    The Police
  • 12.
    Shoot The Moon

    I can't stand all this common shit
    Life's too fast for me
    Everyone's trying so hard to impress
    What is the real meaning of humanity
    Morals and Values are based upon read more »

    Voodoo Glow Skulls
  • 13.
    Resolution Greed

    Independence, terrorism
    A hail of pebbles and stones
    Poverty and racism
    The wheel of conflict rolls on read more »

  • 14.
    Silent Stranger

    Cold winds blow across the desert
    Which shall be crossed before morning
    Moving swiftly across water and sand
    Reaching the point of the return read more »

    Grip Inc.
  • 15.
    War Between One

    War between one
    Supporting temptation
    Relentless conclusive seduction
    MOving faster, fucked up tormented
    Poverty bites, but comes in second
    Needing now to read more »

    Grip Inc.
  • 16.

    If the sea was as calm as my mother
    And my boat was as big as a ship
    If we all could care a bit more for each other
    Then we might all go on that trip
    I don't have time to explain this read more »

    September When
  • 17.

    Get up, do what you want
    Before, before its too late
    Don't, don't worry yourself
    Of others I don't think
    Kick down the door read more »

    Front Line Assembly
  • 18.
    I Am Love

    (M.Larson / J.Marcellino / D.Fenceton / R.H.Rancifer)
    The eyes of love will watch you
    As you go from day to day
    The hands of love will catch you
    When you fall along the way read more »

  • 19.
    Pledge Of Allegiance

    I pledge allegiance to the flag
    On the United States of America
    And to the republic for which is stands
    One nation under God invisible
    With liberty and Justice for all read more »

  • 20.
    America The Pitiful

    Oh pitiful for smoggy skies
    With amber lanes of waste
    With Dreadful mountain poverty's
    So many infants slain read more »

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