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In this page, songs on / about “memory” are listed.
  • 41.
    Thanks for The Memories

    Writer(s): leo robin/ralph rainger

    Thanks for the memory
    Of things I can’t forget
    Journeys on a jet
    Our wond’rous week in martinique
    And vegas and roulette
    How lucky I was read more »

    Frank Sinatra
  • 42.
    Www. Memory

    I know your leavin’
    I see the signs
    You’re gonna walk out on this heart of mine
    You’ll never call me
    You’ll never write read more »

    Alan Jackson
  • 43.
    Take Your Memory With You

    I can read the writing on the wall
    You pretend that nothing’s changed at all
    I’ve got just one thing to ask you if it’s so
    Just take your memory with you when you go read more »

    Vince Gill
  • 44.

    Why is it always, when I open my mouth
    I clash with whatever you do
    When we dance together your rhythm and tempo
    Cuts through my quick step and tune
    You cry, I, I, can't take anymore read more »

  • 45.
    Gas Hed Goes West

    If I was half alive
    Then you were dead
    Subsistin' on the same old bread
    It's the memory that hides
    The whole wide world read more »

  • 46.
    Let Old Memories Be

    There you go bringing back
    Those old memories
    Things done in the past
    Why don't you let it be
    Could it be I misunderstood you read more »

    Nesby Ann
  • 47.
    In Unmet Chambers Slain

    from the vision the meditations of dreaming the lines
    a human respite bleed away the scarred emotions of time and fire the reputation the stone
    delerium tells the tale all rack and ruin caressing the face with tiny outstreched moments
    discretion a demonstration astride the vision it cries of simple pain and pleasures too read more »

  • 48.
    Who Needs Pictures

    There’s an old kodak camera in my dresser drawer
    I ran across it just this afternoon
    And I realized that I don’t ever use it anymore
    In fact last time I did I think it was with you read more »

    Brad Paisley
  • 49.
    Burnin' Old Memories

    (Larry Boone/Gene Nelson/Paul Nelson)
    I used to love him that ain't no lie
    We had a good thing till he said goodbye
    Then with one touch you set my heart ablaze
    I'm burnin' old memories with a brand new flame read more »

    Mattea Kathy
  • 50.
    Memories Of Tomorrow

    Bombers in flight
    Trident missiles in the air
    My missiles underground
    Protect us till we're dead
    Memories of tomorrow - crying sorrow read more »

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