Songs About / On: LOST

In this page, songs on / about “lost” are listed.
  • 31.
    She's Lost Control

    Confusion in her eyes that says it all.
    She’s lost control.
    And she’s clinging to the nearest passer by,
    She’s lost control.
    And she gave away the secrets of her past,
    And said I’ve lost control again,
    And a voice that told her when and where to act,
    She said I’ve lost control again. read more »

    Joy Division
  • 32.
    The Lost Children

    We pray for our fathers, pray for our mothers
    Wishing our families well
    We sing songs for the wishing, of those who are kissing
    But not for the missing read more »

    Michael Jackson
  • 33.
    I'm Losing You

    Here in some stranger’s room
    Late in the afternoon
    What am I doing here at all?
    Ain’t no doubt about it
    I’m losing you
    I’m losing you read more »

    Lennon John
  • 34.
    The Light in Your Eyes

    (dan tyler)

    Life can take your dreams and turn them upside down
    Friends will talk about you when you’re not around
    Reality can really cut you down to size
    But don’t ever lose that light in your eyes
    Don’t ever lose that light in your eyes read more »

    Leann Rimes
  • 35.

    Through the jungle by the river Styx
    I've journed long and far this day
    Lurking shadows in the parapets
    Will never make me turn away
    Darkened city veiled in crimson mist
    Entombed in time without decay
    Never thought it would be like this
    It feels like I'm living inside a dream
    But my mind tells me I'm read more »

    Manilla Road
  • 36.
    Lost in Space

    Have you seen that girl
    With the strange look on her face?
    She’s a pretty little thing but she’s lost
    Lost in space read more »

    Fountains of Wayne
  • 37.
    Everything's Not Lost

    If you ever feel neglected,
    If you ever think all is lost,
    I’ll be counting up my demons, yeah,
    Hoping everything’s not lost,
    Everything’s not lost, read more »

  • 38.
    Lost In Myself

    Shadows of thoughts
    Reflections of one¹s fantasies
    Like a tumor slowly eating itself from its body
    Escape from ones self
    Escape from tomorrow read more »

  • 39.
    Humdrum & Humble

    Mistress of the mind
    Take me where the air is clean
    Ignorance is kind
    Emerald and evergreen

    30 days september, year of miracle and grief
    Through the haze, remember
    You’re an animal, not a mineral read more »

    Tears for Fears
  • 40.
    I Never Lost You

    If I had nickel
    For every nickel I've had
    I'd be rich now
    But they Tempt and they tickle
    They trickle right out of my hands read more »

    Berry John
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