Songs About / On: JUNE

In this page, songs on / about “june” are listed.
  • 41.
    Spring Is Here

    (Rodgers & Hart)
    Once there was a thing called Spring
    When the world was writing
    Verses like yours and mine
    All the boys and girls would sing read more »

    Simon Carly
  • 42.
    Hidden Song

    She’s gonna be dancing soon
    Stepping out of her winter into june
    Lying in fields as green as the life she once knew
    Spirit please lead your child home
    Bring to her eyes the God she has grown
    Spirit please lead you child home read more »

    Angie Aparo
  • 43.
    Reaching for The Moon

    The moon and you appear to be
    So near and yet so far from me
    And here am I on a night in june
    Reaching for the moon and you, read more »

    Irving Berlin
  • 44.
    Watching Alice

    Alice wakes
    It is morning
    She is yawning
    As she walks about the room
    Her hair falls down her breast
    She is naked and it is June read more »

    Cave Nick
  • 45.


    where hearts are entertaining June
    We stod beneath an amber moon
    And softly murmured "Someday soon".
    We kissed and clung together read more »

    Barosso And Russel
  • 46.
    The Dead Man's Dream

    Once I had a name, forgotten now
    I breathe the air in a century of wonder
    I can hear it now, in darkness, ivory birds
    Gorgeous machines, the sound they made like thunder
    The gardens drink, honey jewels and rapids read more »

  • 47.
    Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans

    Do you know what it means to miss new orleans
    And miss her each night and day
    I know I’m not wrong because the feeling’s
    Getting stronger the longer I stay away read more »

    Harry Connick, Jr.
  • 48.
    There's No Time

    There’s no time to wallow in my cheer
    ’tis mine to make my life a better place for my song
    Near my blues will be gone
    Bracing my joy till june read more »

    Gino Vanelli
  • 49.
    Broken Morning

    Echos from a sweating sky
    My fingers dancing cos I'm a liar
    Beyond the mountains I gaze a jewel
    Behind my eyes its june
    Broken morning tears drop cold read more »

    Spiritual Beggars
  • 50.
    Something Wonderful Happens in Summer

    Something wonderful happens in summer
    When the sky is a heavenly blue
    You fall in love - you fall in love
    With someone who loves you too read more »

    Frank Sinatra
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