Songs About / On: GREED

In this page, songs on / about “greed” are listed.
  • 41.
    Power Race

    So you're rushing all around,
    Making your way to the top.
    But you'd better count me out,
    I'm not running anymore.
    Power race, read more »

    Les Thugs
  • 42.
    After God

    Master taught me taught me well
    To read the heavens the signs of sky
    To know the Earth to know the Air
    To see things already there
    Found my way thru' turmoil of times read more »

  • 43.
    Dangerous Tonight

    (Alice Cooper/Desmond Child)
    Take another bite
    It'll be alright
    What's wrong will soon feel right
    Dangerous tonight read more »

    Cooper Alice
  • 44.
    Innocent Greed

    Your ground is deep
    My greed is deeper
    I can see everything
    Nothing’s between us
    You will see through my eyes
    I will see through your veins
    Don’t you wanna listen
    What the cause is
    You hate!!
    (I will see it through your eyes)
    Too late!! (
    I will see it through your veins)
    Take me to the end of it read more »

    Guano Apes
  • 45.

    Who will save the warchild baby
    Who controls the key?
    The web we weave is thick and sorted
    Fine by me
    At times of war, we're all losers
    There's no victory
    We shoot and kill and kill your lover
    Fine by me
    Warchild, victim of political pride
    Plant the seed, territorial greed
    Mind the warchild, we should mind the warchild read more »

    The Cranberries
  • 46.

    There I'm on the edge
    Of something more than what I knew
    I've traded my burdens
    For habits I can't cure
    Gather up my enemies read more »

    Econoline Crush
  • 47.
    Dangerous Tonight

    Take another bite
    It’ll be alright
    What’s wrong will soon feel right
    Dangerous tonight

    Take another sip
    Let it kiss your lips
    And let a little drip on your thighs read more »

    Alice Cooper
  • 48.
    Under The Surface

    Deep under the surface of your educated minds
    There's a beast roaming the punctures
    Looks like race persistance read more »

  • 49.

    Greed can't wash your filthy hands
    Now you know Just where you really stand
    Competition. Man against man
    Vicious players, Game of life has no plan. read more »

    Flotsam And Jetsam
  • 50.
    Top Of The Hill

    No need to hide it, or to deny it,
    I'll never buy it 'cause I've learned your ways
    Come hook or crook you're gonna make it rich
    You're gonna scratch it if you got the itch
    And the people will know your name read more »

    Ford Robben
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