Songs About / On: FREEDOM

In this page, songs on / about “freedom” are listed.
  • 11.
    Freedom Slave

    Control binds all
    Under restraits
    Hidden motives
    Dictate a way to live
    Freedom Slave
    Freedom Slave
    New religion
    World of disorder
    A sublime campaign
    Rapid decline but masses contained
    Freedom Slave
    Freedom Slave
    Conformed ideals
    To share the world
    Deny freedom
    A new conflict
    An insurrection
    Slave to no one
    Wealthy tyrants watch us suffer
    A wheel in the hate machine
    Obscured and can't be seen
    Conditioned not to question
    A subliminal suggestion read more »

  • 12.
    Mother Freedom

    Freedom - keep walkin’
    Keep on your toesand don’t stop talkin’ ’bout
    Freedom - get goin’
    Lots to be learned and lots to be knowin’ ’bout
    People - gotta reach ’em
    Sit ’em right down and then you gotta teach ’em ’bout
    Freedom - gotta win it
    Gotta put yourself smack dab in it read more »

  • 13.

    How long we gonna last
    How long everybody has to ask

    Freedom to joke
    Freedom to hope
    Freedom to win
    Freedom to be in read more »

    Simply Red
  • 14.
    Love Revelation

    (hall, moreland, smith, gorrie)

    I’ve been quiet, never spoke before
    About this
    Takes a little time to say what
    I’m thinking
    Let’s run down the concept of love
    As we know it
    I’m only happy when I’m flying
    Then you catch me when I’m falling read more »

    Daryl Hall
  • 15.

    Source: janis (

    Wanna thank you read more »

    Angie Stone
  • 16.
    Freedom (Intro)

    Wanna thank you
    There's nothing in the world
    Like freedom read more »

    Angie Stone
  • 17.
    Freedom Denied

    There's a man in the abck
    He wants to get you on smack
    Your first impression he's insane
    But now he's trying to get your mind
    Smackman - he wants your freedom read more »

    Total Chaos
  • 18.
    Wealth (6 35)

    (Mark Hollis / Tim Friese-Greene)
    Create upon my flesh
    Create approach upon my breath
    Bring me salvation if I fear
    Take my freedom read more »

    Talk Talk
  • 19.
    Freedom of Choice

    A victim of collision on the open sea
    Nobody ever said that life was free
    Sank, swam, go down with the ship
    But use your freedom of choice read more »

  • 20.
    Running To My Freedom

    Johnny Vastano & Tom Snow
    you should have been there when I gave the news
    I know you would have been surprised to see
    the smoke and the fire that was comin' out of me
    now that I've finally shaken you loose read more »

    Sayer Leo
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