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Poems of Ryan Taylor

61. The Raven's Song 3/29/2013
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63. There For You 3/30/2013
64. To Remember 3/29/2013
65. Wait 3/29/2013
66. Walk Away 3/29/2013
67. When My Angel Cries 3/30/2013
68. Winter 3/29/2013
69. Wolves 3/30/2013
70. You're Sorry 3/29/2013


She is the shadow that follows me
She calls my name but I try to ignore
Why won't she stop
Doesn't she know that I do not want her
It seems that no matter what I say
She refuses to listen
Hopefully she will go away soon
Maybe I should let her down gently
Maybe I should let her continue to be
My shadow

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