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Satan's Wake Up Call.... - Poem by crystal conrickknight

Satan...I refuse to back down or be silenced I am christian through and through. you may call us cattle u can push around and more. u may own the banks live by your own laws (none at all) . own the government like a pawn and feed us unknowingly our own people. funding the war on both sides to thin the population out? Diabolical and Just like your character claiming to have our very physical existence in your hands, but know this.. me and a whole lot of people out there who were not informed are waking up and God is on our side u have lost so play what u will! we will do our father Yahweh' will not your will. U think u know us? ? u don't! ! when it counts we stand together united. Us afraid of u and to be called names like Anti Semitic please that's kindergarten play. Seriously U must have your head in the ground, last I checked every American even criminal wanted to take u out. Bottom line what will u do when we boycott your plan? ? Vegetarian and making my own food sounds healthy to now what? Poison the water and food like we are stupid? ? how long do u think it will last until we ban together to fight this war? ? ? Starting earthquakes and mass chaos? ? Yeah well we expected it from u so now what? think again I may be a sinner but God forgave me. We are your downfall.

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