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About Me : This is Mr. Suman Kumar Das from Odisha, presently residing in Kolkata, India. From the very childhood, a deep passion towards the world of poetry, has made me put a few ... more »

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  • Suman Kumar Das (5/18/2014 1:35:00 AM) Post reply

    My Shadow

    Somebody knocks gently
    At the door of my hushed heart.
    ‘Who is there?’ I ask,
    But get no reply in return.
    When I open the door
    Only view a light shadow
    Receding slowly far from me.

    I know not when comes
    And when goes that shadow,
    Still it feels very close to me.
    Sometimes I refrain myself
    From opening the door,
    Lest that would disappear.

    But I can’t stop my curiosity
    Wish to discern the identity.
    Finally I realize the truth;
    That is none but my own shadow.

    Suman Kumar Das

  • Suman Kumar Das (4/20/2014 11:42:00 AM) Post reply

    Perpetual Relation

    When I open
    The window of heart
    In the palace of my life,
    Blow jasmine aroma from her bun
    With dew drenched winter breeze,
    Run a thrill through my vein.
    Again drip drops of sweet smile
    From her rosebud lips,
    That wet desert of my solitude.

    Waning moon beckons us
    To the divine door of love
    Where we see the far world
    And gauge its gap.
    While doing so,
    We lasso two minds
    Into one soul
    To complete
    This perpetual relation.

  • Suman Kumar Das (4/19/2014 10:59:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Four Curses

    To weep
    Are needed two eyes,
    Need also tears.
    But the ones without eyes!
    How they shed tears?
    May those salty drops
    Brim in all their hearts,
    To a size of seven seas
    Of this super creation.

    To speak
    Are needed few words,
    Need also voice.
    But the ones without voice!
    How they talk words?
    May those unsaid sounds
    Inside their hollow hearts
    Echo million times
    As thunders crash in the sky.

    To walk
    Are needed two limbs
    Need also destination.
    But the ones without limbs!
    How they stride across the way?
    May those longing steps
    Trek mile after mile every night,
    Like the orbit around the sun,
    Revolve the planets in the galaxy.

    To listen
    Are needed two ears
    Need also mind.
    But the ones without ears!
    How they hear people?
    May those unheard strains
    Within their mute minds
    Join torn strings of lives’ guitar
    To play songs like musicians.

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