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Captain Cur Port Chester / United States, Male, 61
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Pirate, Captain
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School of Mutineers, Thieves and Cutthroats
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  • Captain Cur (4/26/2014 1:03:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    Feral Pleasure

    Here I be an impish sprite
    that speaks with impish speech
    biting hard a lion's tail
    I clamp fast with my teeth;
    hear now the old lion's roar,
    the tragedy in poems
    while I am whipped about
    in the thought lairs of his home.

    In his deepest jungle breath
    he growls some simple lines
    seducing young gazelles
    with love bones wrapped in rhyme;
    then suddenly he pounces
    with a skillful lover’s art
    enclosing the distance,
    leaping chasms to their heart.

    I have witnessed feral pleasure
    known no greater pain
    in the death grip of a lion's lust
    mangling my brain.
    Be wary sweet young antelope
    don't stray far from the pack
    starved are the grey old lions
    when their heads dismount the rack.

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