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  • Rasheed Dawodu (2/27/2013 2:46:00 PM) Post reply

    This is a good one.

  • Rasheed Dawodu (2/27/2013 2:32:00 PM) Post reply

    Love In The Air

    I live on earth
    I hear love is in the air
    I look up to catch some breath
    What I inhale is flare
    If what I seek is in the air
    How come it doesn't live here?

    Maybe if I travel far
    Far up high, soar
    Mars, Saturn and Jupiter
    I could catch some fresh air
    And love in the air

    I exhale air
    Breathe out some fresh love
    In return, I inhale fumes
    Love they say is soothing
    Gentle and calm
    It's fresh air

    Day by day
    I wither away
    Wearied by the travails
    While I wander searching for love
    In the air
    I trample on it
    Abdulrasheed Dawodu

  • Rasheed Dawodu (2/20/2013 1:36:00 PM) Post reply

    How good are u with satire?Enjoy.

    How To Kill A Rat

    A rat; an animal larger than a mouse.
    With large ears and pointed snout,
    A dangerous one.
    It lives in human habitation,
    Though survives in different adaptation.

    A rat, a faithful company,
    Lives with you and dines from you.
    Here and there,
    Helter skelter,
    It never stays away from you.

    Sometimes you wonder:
    A creature, seemingly harmless and innocent
    Could gnaw through wooden planks,
    Causing major damages
    Yet leaving no trails on its tail.

    A nocturnal animal, of course
    Darkness accommodates so many evils
    As the day reveals the damages.
    So patient, so cunning;
    Attributes of this great company.
    A rat indeed!

    It is found everywhere,
    Even a clean home appeals to a rat.
    Cant it just leave it peaceful?
    I ask.
    Oh! How I hate it!

    Hurt, embittered, betrayed,
    Knowing for sure it's a rat's doing.
    Smash it?Hit it?Burn it?
    How to kill a rat,
    I become curious.

    Lo! How to kill a rat:
    You bait it,
    Pretend you are not paying attention,
    Feed her with her favorite meal,
    For in what she does best
    Lies her end,
    Her agony.
    Abdulrasheed Dawodu

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